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    Im really impressed. Guys you must download this demo, its simply awesome, not suprising since the guy in charge of Beyond Good & Evil is at the helm. Feels fantastic, very cinematic and loud, loved the both sections of the demo and you actually FEEL like your Kong, this one is gonna be great.

    Give it a shot.

    And leave your thoughts here :)

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    Gonna download it now…….

    Am really looking forward to the movie and the game. I have heard nothing but good things about the games production so far….

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    haha…..feckin class demo.
    Thought I would shite my pants when I was trying to distract the t-rex…….and the kong battles with the T-Rex(s) are awesome!
    I was hoping they would include the classic Kong finishing move and they have! Sweet!

    This has got me even more psyched for the movie now!

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    aye, they nailed Kong’ raw power. I love issuing a good ole thumping.

    Got a bit fed up breaking jaws, and I thought the swinging parts were a bit too much “on the rails”.

    I didn’t rate the FPS bit at all.

    Did any of you try to kill Jack Black?

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