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    i see some good phd’s on offer with Darryl charles at Univeristy Of Ulster,coleraine on the news page.

    A games AI phd i reckon is going to be very valuable in next few years, if you want to break into the industry, loads of companies have adverts for them at present. Gives you that more of an edge i guess. Also nice way to earn the Dr. before the name, messing around with games for fun. :)

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    The same could be said for a wide number of areas. A while back everyone was ranting on how if you didnt have Physics know how you didnt stand a chance. It’s a fad you’ll get a job based on what the development team needs at the time of applying, so your better off doing an area because you’re interested in it. Though Dr Logue does have a ring to it :D

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    obviously i wouldnt recommend someone get a phd coz its a phd, obviously if you going to commit to 3 years of unique work. you better like it, otherwise you probably wont finish it.

    Fad im not so sure, the idea of better AI in games has been known for year, its just the hardware wasent their. in the past the cycles were given to graphs,physics, sound etc. Things which the consumer sees when they walk into the shop. Then they go home and discover the gameplay is rubbish. Consequently, they dont buy sequels etc. How many times have we got a game coz the graphics, look sweet go home and it plays crap.

    To mention one phrase which has been bouncing in every academic paper\article on games. The graphics race is nearly over in that we are at photo-realism (close too), therefore gamers expect this as a given now.

    So AI and other game-playing enhancing techniques are what are going to make gamers want to play X game.

    Also in the past the majority of the hit games have all had top-notch AI(where appropriate);

    black&white,fable(Molyneaux), Half-Life etc..

    Obviously AI will only be a factor in this equation but in my view i think we’ll see ai programmer jobs quite a bit in the future. just look at EA and sony’s webpages, or closer to home Torc Interactive.

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    That’s not always true Battlefield has rubbish AI, and yet sold by the bucket load. Granted it sold on the steam of its on line game, AI alone doesn’t make a game great. You’re right people expectations of AI are much higher then ever before, mainly because of the games you mentioned, don’t get me wrong I’m not denying anything you say, it’s just I personally wouldn’t do a phd around ai, when there are so much more interesting things(to me) out there.

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