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      I’ve got a phone interview for the position of: Technical Graduate: Software Engineering(Test) with Microsoft Dublin. I was wondering if anyone has had this interview before and/or has any tips for what it will A) be like & b)what to do/don’t and what they are looking for ?

      Thanks in advance,

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      I did one of these ages ago when I applied for the graduate scheme but they put me forward for a QA role instead (I had a bit of QA experience on the CV I sent in). All in all it was a pleasant enough although the stuff on the job spec they sent me was pretty much ignored. I spent a week learning AJAX and other such web technologies to have them ignored :)

      As a graduate you’re not going to get the same grilling everyone else is but you’ll still be on the phone (or in my case skype) for about an hour and they are pretty much to the point on all questions: "How would you do this task" and "What would you do in this situation".

      Keep calm and speak clearly would be my main two recommendations, apart from the usual "show an interest in the company etc"

      Best of Luck!

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      Had to say, my interview with Microsoft was years ago. Aside from showing enthusiasm, show that you’re willing to analyse and come up with various different ways of approaching a problem and its solution, that you know your stuff and you’re ready to learn.

      Hmmm, not much else; the best of luck.

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      Hi there,
      I had the interview for the Software Engineer position last year. The first part covers some routine question (like why do you want to work for us, and some of the questions mentioned by the other two guys). The second part was more technical and, if the format hasn’t changed, you will be asked about data structure, multi-threading, memory management and some language related questions (mainly C# and C++).
      I wish I had taken them down. It can be helpful in other situations as well.

      Also, the lady that did my interview was very kind, so don’t worry about it.

      Best of luck with it!

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