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    hey folks. just to let yous know i promised a website with screenshots this week. unfortunatley there is a delay with the site but here is our first screenshot.

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    looking good. looking forward to see more.

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    Hey Beans,

    Nice work, also looking forward to seeing more!

    I’m curious as to how Phooka will work over the next couple of years. When the students at ICE graduate this summer will they:

    Join your team?
    Take over and have you guys move on?
    Or start another team in the incubator alongside Phooka?

    Would be good to clear it up. Well done again!

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    phooka as a group and company is a stand alone entity and will be in the future. at the minute our team is making use of the incbation facilities at nwifhe.

    this years years ICE graduates may also be able to make use of the facilities of the incbator. hopefully forming close ties with phooka.

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    Looking very nice, grand job!

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    Looks very cool!

    You might want to convert it to a .JPG, so that it will be displayed in the actual webpage.

    Also, you only posted one screenshot… it’s bad manners to post any less than 6 :) BTW if you are posting a few new ones, I think there might be a limit of how many you can post at a time… you might have to post eg 2 or 3 at a time, and post a few different replies.


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    heres a few more screenshots from our current game (Recall)

    some concept to models

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    :shock: phooka-tastic!

    :oops: sorry, sorry, humour, bad, i know. i know.
    seriously though, looking amazing!

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    The incubator programme is funded for 3 years initially and is the process of fully licensing the Reality engine. The programme is delivered by NORIBIC through the European Interreg programme.

    There are 15 students coming through the ICE programme this year, and we will probably be able to host another 8. Phooka will also be able to stay in incubation for at least the next year as well.

    Just trying to find a way of keeping r_mc_gowan out of the incubator – real trouble maker.

    FYI – a business development executive starts tomorrow (Monday). Amongst other things, the job entails seeking opportunities for the incubatees and attracting game type investment to the area.

    The screen shots look great by the way. If anyone wants to see the first public airing, beans_w will be with me at the Digital Hub careers day tomorrow.

    And, r_mc_gowan, you still have to go to class. Congrats again on the DARE entry. You were all brill.

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    me? trouble maker?? :x no chance!!
    goodluck tomorrow guys. (except for robbie :P !)

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    Amazing Work. the quality is brilliant.

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    me? trouble maker?? :x no chance!!
    goodluck tomorrow guys. (except for robbie :P !)[/quote:d1cc448ec4]

    Yeah, he’s always punching me in the arm etc. What a bully he is. :P

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    phooka-ng excellent work dudes! :)

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    Your right about that Richard, he’s often touching my leg under the table…..

    Anywho…The screenshots look fantastic…no not fantastic….amazing….I wish all the luck in the future and I cant wait to start incubator after finishing ICE

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    screenshots are looking good, guys. nice concept art too

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    Don’t mean to be pedantic, but isn’t there a creative content section now ?
    Mr. Moderator?

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    wow. screenshots are amazing. cant wait to see the finished game. keep it up.

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    :D Thx for the positive remarks everybody, this level doesn’t represent the finished product just a taster.

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    Indeed fantastic screen shots…

    Is it just the glare on my monitor or is that broken glass suspended in air in some of the screenies?

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    yeah looks like glass alright, or clear plastic sheets.

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    yeah looks like glass alright, or clear plastic sheets.[/quote:ebd6218c43]

    it’s glass, there are some details missing from it(wire supports for the glass), it’s a w.i.p so it’s definitely not the finished product.

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    Nice shots lookin forward to more. :D

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