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    Im thinking of getting the first season off amazon.com as its released in 2 parts here. 2 parts – wtf? Anyway does anyone know if its possible to get your ps2 to play region 1 dvds before i order it?

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    reason why its in 2 parts i reckon is because some countries havent finished showing season 1( i.e. channel 4) so they wont release the full thing until they finish it over in the UK. If you can buy it people wont watch it so they lose advertising during the breaks. Hence they lose the sponsors, so no money for next season..

    Similar situations have occured for other dvds typically though they wait until its shown in all regions all together before they release the full box (i.e. 24 etc). But lost was slow catching on in some regions in that some stations prioritised 24, desparate housewives, nip tuck, so they we’re late showing it.

    anyway if you go into virgin or game you should be able to purchase dvd-regionX (approx 15-20euro) which will allow you to play all regions in your ps2.

    Similarly alot of action replay disks allow this. Be warned though your tv still needs to support ntsc playback otherwise you’ll see a flickering screen or a black&white picture.

    good luck. its a great show. season 2 is even better :)

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    Yeah, there are at least 2 region free packs you can buy for PS2

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    Damn Channel 4 anyway! Destroying it for the rest of the continent.

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    I dunno if you still can get it anymore, but Datel used to make DVD Region X, they was also bundled it with Action Replay. I did find that it worked for 90% of my discs, I think I eventually lost the memory card needed to for it. However its fairly easy to find a crackable dvd drive, usually the cheap ones in Argos or Tescos are.

    edit: bah, just as peter_b said, my bad.

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    theres actually 2 version of dvd region x.
    one with a memory card type dongle and one which uses the standard ps2 memory card.
    although i would personally buy a multi region dvd player. can get really good ones for about 50-60 quid, which will also play divx\xvids..

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    ya think breaking Season 01 into 2 parts on DVD is criminal, they showed the first 5 episodes of LOST on American TV, then they took a 6-week break, just to leave everyone hanging on (including the people outside of the US whom download the episodes on a friday morning…)

    …grumble…damn studio execs….grumble…grumble….grumble….

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    Jediboy said:

    ya think breaking Season 01 into 2 parts on DVD is criminal, they showed the first 5 episodes of LOST on American TV, then they took a 6-week break, just to leave everyone hanging on [/quote:7007b856ca]

    Isnt that break for Baseball season? I think I remember most of the Fox network shows taking that break each year when the baseball season started…. Not sure though!

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    typically they take the break cause they’re making more episodes.

    24 used to do this when it ran oct-may in the states. now they dont start until january each year and run straight through in 24 weeks.

    Lost resumes though in the states 2 weeks from tonight..

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    think they break all US series like that. the first have of both stargate sg1 and atlantis have been shown in the US but the season won’t be finished till after christmas and by that stage sky 1 will be a few days ahead. very annoying cause both mid-seasons ended on major cliff-hangers.

    not a major suprise i suppose, just a pain in the ass

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    of course that’s if they don’t cancel your favourite show, during that in mid season break… :evil:

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