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      Jamie Mc

      Hi there,

      For this years survey, I am planning on putting a map of Ireland together and having different layers that people can flick through to find what they want. I’ll be starting off with a general company by county listing, which is seperate to the survey completely.

      I’d like to present the information like with icons from SimCity, beside which there is a number for the different types of companies.

      ie a hand hitting a hammer for developers, a side profile face with a phone against their head for publishing, an engine for middleware, a spanner for tools, cash register for retail, newspaper for media company etc.

      They’d just need to be 50×50 pixels, and I was wondering if anyone could knock some up for me, and use this thread to determine the classifications. I have:

      Core Development
      Industry Services
      Publishing Functions
      Retail Sales Publicity & Misc

      Under these broad categories, there are different specific things.

      So any ideas are welcome, i’m going to be writing the questions at the start of june and hopefully doing a roadtrip to visit some of you with my clipboard, and aim to have the interim job figures in June.

      Also, if you know of any companies / dev teams that have blended, closed, emigrated etc, that were around last year but aren’t now, please let me know. I might have some duplicates in my list.



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