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    Can we get a notification on the forum itself that you have a new message?

    (Currently its only shown on the homepage)


    peace and love,


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    And as I said before, it still doesn’t tell me the number of new PMs I have on the home page, even though I jsut received an email telling me there is a new one in there.

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    I find out that I have a new PM when Firefox displays a message at the top of the screen stating that a pop-up has been blocked. That always means that it’s a private message. Email notifications also work.

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    Aphra K

    yes my email notifications work but not my no on the homepage…I think it is on the list of fixes and has been mentioned beofre..


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    Can someone send me a PM?

    It’s nothing to do with testing the notification….I just feel lonely…… :P

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