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    i just got 3 PMs :D but they were dated 11th and 17th May ..

    have we gone into timewarp :D .. or was there a bit of a backlog to catch up on ?

    all ok though … nothing too urgent , i think

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    Nothing should have changed. Have you been missing lately? :)

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    i’ve been thinking about it and i think it’s all entirely my browsers fault…

    not refreshing maybe, just using the cache ?

    although the posts in the forum on the front page have been changing ..

    .. i bet it’s me .. it usually is :lol:

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    thinking about this again…

    i actually don;t think this is all my fault..

    i’ve had a PM in my inbox since the 20th … i never saw it till today because the front page notification never updated..

    i’ve had news items show up .. and features .. but the PM thing has happened more than a couple of times now ..

    .. any news on it … and i know you’re a busy one Dave, sorry :D

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    The PM tracker on the main page never updates…well not as far as I’ve seen. I assumed it was on the to-do list.

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    works fine for me. get the email notifications too.

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    Notifications yes. Main page update no for me. :?

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    Notifications yes. Main page update no for me. :?[/quote:e971ec6e41]

    ah sure, its not much effort to go to your private messages to check once in a while.

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    Heh, yea I’m not complaining I get a popup from my mail inbox anyway so I know.

    Just to let you know it wasnt working :D

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    Oh yeah and the User Options button doesnt work. Cant go into my pm’s or control panel. :(

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    get the email notifications and the pop-ups when I hit the site. haven’t noticed the home page

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    I dont get the pop-ups….that might be cause of firefox. havent noticed the message ‘Firefox has blocked a pop-up’

    Can someone send me a PM to test?

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    i sent u a pm test

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    Site popups or gmail popups?

    Hrm, didnt know the site did the former…I don’t get those either.. :?

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