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    I made this offer on a few boards I visit so here I go again.

    Unfortunately I cant give you exposure, nor can I give you money, fame or glory. But if there are any artists looking to host their portfolios, or content online, without the hassle and bullshit that goes with your own server.

    I can offer you space on my server. Its pretty good, I have about 2gigs of space at present that I dont need, you can use your own domains and I have about 80 – 100 gigs of bandwidth to go around.

    I have some basic Terms and Conditions, nothing major the usual crap to cover my own as, such as no porn etc.

    But main one being that you have a site, and not just throw things up in a directory. I dont really care if its a php based one (probably need to co-ordinate that with me, but I can arrange alot of cool package setups). Once you have at very minimum a business card style site, its fine by me.

    I wont look for payment, its free. (and I can choose whoever at my own discretion).

    contact me:


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    That’s very generous.

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    With this webspace your really spoiling them

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    thats pretty decent. definately a few out there id say will take you up on the offer.

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    Surprisingly not, I only had 3 takers. :confused:

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    I’m looking into getting a good host at the moment for my site, so I thought I’d leave it for someone who might need it more!

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    My webspace is more than adequate for me at the moment….

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    ah its early days.

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    Noop I have more space and bandwidth than i know what to do with. Seriously at the moment Im only using about 400 megs out of 20gigs.

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    Well, if no-one else is interested…….?

    I’ll send you a mail…..

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    Good. Get your demo reel up on it, Dave! :)

    By the way, you coming to the shindig tomorrow?

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    I am indeed Ronny! :D

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