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    Sweet! Like the el toro look, something I did for a mate’s site was to do a small flash intro which then segues to the main, and with the square cog logo it could be ripe for a bit of exploitation, morphing of shapes maybe to form letters, dunno if that would be any good?

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    Thanks bud. Would you have a link to it, so I can understand you fully? I’m slightly wary of going overboard on the flash. The original plan was an entire flash site, but it was proving too busy and difficult to read. I’ve intended on putting 2 balls which float about either of the spikes and are attracted to the cursor, kind of like firefly. Not sure though…. :wink:

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    looking nice..
    is that latin? Reads like a couple of pages of the da vinci code.

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    Nice looking layout and style. I use a blog style site for my portfolio, although it hasn’t been updated with portfolio-esque stuff in a while, it was still really handy in getting a job down here in New Zealand. Using a blog means I can rant about anything and everything in the hope of appearing knowledgeable in something :)


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    Real nice, the colours are great and pleasing on the eye and I like the font you chose. One slight thing is that the two title on the right “pics” and “links” are different. One is sitting on the bottom of the banner whereas the other is floating in the centre of the banner. I think these should match either way. Anyway thats something really small and I think you’ve done a great job.
    Well done

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    Well spotted keeganb, will change that once I get home from work. I probably would have never noticed :oops: Thanks

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    lol, very knowledgeable mate.

    Thanks all.

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    Hey man,

    Sorry don’t have a link as it was taken down again, but I will do a rough rehash of what the intro was like and throw it up here, to show you.

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    very nice.
    pulls together well, might want to throw on a title though and that really is being picky. Looking forward to see how the flash works out

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    Here is a link to the intro, knocked it together there now, tis crappy but hopefully illustrates what i mean:


    Im hosting the site so give a shout if the link isnay working :)

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    That’s pretty funky. Cheers bud. Might see about working something like that in.

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    Grand, I am just glad the server let you see it cos it started feckin about a couple of minutes ago

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    you should change you style sheet (CSS) colour values for hyperlink. Hard to read. Everything else is Bingo.

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    lol, I know mate I’ve been messing with the backend more so then the style sheet. It will be changed. I’ve almost got the actual portfolio pages almost finished shouldnt take too much time. Thanks for the comments

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