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    Aphra K

    We’ve discussed doing some guest speaker evenings before but I think it is time for action.

    I know that Waterford IT are going to be running talks on the games industry over the coming few weeks but they will be on Friday afternoons…so we will try not to clash or anything..

    I think we should try to organise these gamedevelopers.ie talks after Christmas.

    I met Ernest Adams in Utrecht at the DIGRA conference and he is interested in coming to Ireland. He now lives in the UK and he could talk generally about game design. Would people on these forums be interested in what he has to say?.

    We could also approach some Irish people working in the games industry in the UK – some of whom have popped up on these boards…maybe a lead artist and a lead programmer..

    And then someone on the whole business/management side of things would be good too – or/and from the publishing side…

    Suggestions please??

    We would hope to co-ordinate with EI, the Digital Hub and the computer science society in Trinity on these…and have them instead of a shindig..well we could go to the pub after..


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    Sounds good.

    Though not directly relevant to game development, some of our more artistic colleagues might be interested in this;



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    Cheers for the heads up Peter

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    I for one would love to hear what Ernest Adams has to say. I would certainly do my best to attend the meeting. He would be a real coup for Gamedevelopers.ie.

    I am glad that Aphra has decided that it is time to take some action on this matter. We could all learn a lot about game development through speeches from the likes of Ernest Adams. I personally think that professional developers will be much more willing to lecture us it was held in somewhere other than a pub. So you may well want to try to convince the Digital Hub or others to provide a suitable area for a few hours.

    Right now I can not offer much more on this matter but I hope my feedback was of some use to you.

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    What about the 8 hour design workshop he mentions on his site. Would it be worth organising one of these as well?

    Maybe a lecture on say a Thursday evening with a full workshop on the Friday?

    Now that could be interesting!


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    I don’t know if you would be able to attract any of the following people, but they are people I have heard giving lectures that I thought were excellent and well, just a few suggestions…

    Miles Jacobson – SI Games
    If you want someone to talk about the games industry and show such a huge passion that will make you really want to work in this industry, this is your guy.

    Andy Campbell – Vis Science
    If you are looking for someone to talk about the business side of things, risk taking and coming through the bad times, Andy has seen it all.

    Seamus Blackley – Capital Entertainment Group
    Judging from EIGF, a complete straight talker who will tell you the way it is…

    Jez San – Argonaut
    The man who built the first 3d engine….what more needs to be said.

    Just a few suggestions, dunno if these people do guest speaking much or anything, but I’d certainly be interested in seeing them again :)


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    Originally posted by aphra

    I know that Waterford IT are going to be running talks on the games industry over the coming few weeks but they will be on Friday afternoons…so we will try not to clash or anything..

    Slightly OT for this thread butr could you send me details of when these talks in WIT are to take place, Aphra? If it’s not too much trouble of course.

    I would be interested in attending and I haven’t heard anything about them.

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    Aphra K

    sorry about the delay in getting back..

    if you mail me through the contact section of this website I can mail you back with a contact name in WIT..I don’t have all the details to hand yet..when I get them I will post them on the site


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    Are they actually happening? Surprised there havn’t been more updates on them if they are.


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