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    Very nice, from a CG standpoint anyway. I wonder if the film will be actually any good though.

    At least it proves that you don’t need massive budgets to create blockbuster effects…

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    You never mentioned that it was done by a couple of Irish guys!

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    I thought I did, must’ve been in a different thread. I noticed Ruairi Robinson who was Oscar nominated for “Fifty Percent Grey” did some rotoscoping on it too. Should probably also mention that the 3D work was done in 3DSMAX 5 and the comp work in After Effects. Hugely impressive stuff.

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    Wow. Now, that is impressive.

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    Two words

    Holy Sh*t

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    Very, very good!

    I wonder what they could do with a few million…a fully Irish made action film :)

    On topic – did any of you lot see that Irish horror film “Dead Meat” last year? The guy with the hurling stick was great.

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    Nope, but I saw “Dead Man’s Shoes” the other day, another Irish film. Twas quiet good actually, kind of like an Irish take on Beat Takashis “Violent Cop”…

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    Ah that Steven St. Leger :) I worked with him on an Eircell F1 commercial way back when (about 10 years ago) – I really liked his quick-cut style then and it’s great to see he’s developed it ;)

    Small world though eh!

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    When did you join the anti-Hoff alliance, turncoat?

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    I’m sorry Pete I have no idea what you are referring to! ;)

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    Hoffalists rule!

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    Boy, that short was awesome and brilliant for an Irish made film. The action was good and the ending so original and really neat that just… worked, a little creepy though but that just made it better.

    Anyway, with talent and oppertunities like that out there, maybe my dreams of getting involved in action movie making aren’t so far fetched after all.

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    looks very good.

    Good to see the film board branching out in its movies. i.e. an Irish film without colm meaney (dont get me wrong, he’s a good actor, but seems to be in the majority of Irish films for the last 5 years).

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    my dreams of getting involved in action movie making aren’t so far fetched after all. [/quote:4771fedb61]

    Dreams can come true – you know which philosopher said that? Gabrielle.

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    That is an awesome pic, thanks Pete.

    I am now inspired to create the greatest action movie the world has ever seen!
    In good time of course.

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