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    M’kay, I mentioned this before and the game didnt get many positive reviews around here BUT has anyone here completed it on the PC and unlocked the alternate ending?

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    still working on Sands of Time, and then someone dropped Indiana Jones : Emperors Tomb on my desk, so Warrior Within is at least 3 weeks away…

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    Always found those games to be overly consoley…

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    Recently finished the xbox version. Didn’t unlock the alternate ending, the game was too much of a chore to play it all again to find all of the extra health bits to unlock the other ending. Sounds like the final battle is a lot harder too…

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    Gah, well finally finished it the other day after my PSU fiasco but only got the normal ending. I got 6 out of the 8 life upgrades but it seems you can backtrack from the second last save and still get them all. I was just wondering had anyone the last save so I could have a crack at the Dahaka and watch the alternate ending without going to the effort. Got a trainer though which unlocked the alternate ending and trust me, you want to watch it! :D

    One thing though. As you may know PoP: The Two Thrones is out in November and if you’ve watched the trailers you’ll know he returns home with the Empress BUT if you watch the normal ending that can’t happen so basically whats happened is that UbiSoft have continued the franchise from the alternate ending…strange…. :?

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    I don’t think you can get them all. I think there are 2 or 3 that once you’ve come near the end, you can’t get back to get them…

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    Q. I missed some Life Upgrades and I’m at Chapter 23: “The Death Of A Prince”
    can I still get them?

    A. There are three upgrades you can NOT get by the time you reach the end of
    the game. Here is a list of all the upgrades and short descriptions of how to
    get them at this point in the game (all directions start from the big Central
    Hall room):[/quote:e995a9325d]
    Taken from the FAQ… That means the save before you go back to the Hourglass Room for the second time I reckon. After that there is a cave in and you can’t go back. Meh, started Max Payne last night so I ain’t going back to it yet. Got too many games in front of me to play… :D

    Still puzzeled at why UbiSoft did that. ALTHOUGH…

    in the alternate ending the city is still on fire, the only difference being you see the Dark Prince waiting for you, plus you also see Fara from the Sands Of Time tied up on a cross so that may explain how the Prince will be able to regain the powers of time manipulation after losing the amulet to the Dahaka. So the main difference is that the Empress returns with you in The Two Thrones trailer and may or may not have done so in Warrior Within. If its the former way I don’t really see the point since Fara is going to be there…

    ….but either way I’ll be buying The Two Thrones when it comes out. Funny though, I’d say that people would be looking forward to it more if they saw the alternate ending… :D

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    Don’t suppose you know if the alternative ending movie is anywhere on the web. Don’t feel like playing POP2 again. Was enough of a chore the first time.

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    If you have the PC version you can benefit from my hours of looking this crap up on the web… :D

    Download the Bonus Unlocker, lob the profile into your PoP:WW directory in Documents/Application Data and a new Profile “,” is created. Just use that and it unlocks all the bonus material. The alternate ending is the video smack in the middle, it aint PG-13 either…

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    No pc…

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    Ah the XBox version…Hrm, hada wee look and the only thing I could find was the Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (US) unlocker, here.
    Outside that I havnt found a place to watch the videos anywhere, that is unless you know how to view Bink Video files in which case I can send it to you. :D

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    Hrm, didnt think it warranted a new thread so I just thought I’d stick it in here. Prince Of Persia 3: The Two Thrones has gone gold and has been given a December 1st release date on all current gen formats. Theres also a new trailer up on IGN, watch it…you’ll want to buy it. :D

    On a side note the story seems slightly different than the one we were lead to believe from the unlocked Alternate Ending in Warrior Within, it still looks kick ass though! :D


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