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      I am looking for a C++ programmer to help with a small game. There is no money involved but if the game is good enough then all staff members will get a equal cut of any profit made.

      Basically the idea is for a sandbox tactical shooter that is more focused on realism than cool gimmicks and big explosions that infest nearly all shooter these days. The idea is for 4 large maps with each map have a single player scenario for the player to experience. You can see an example of a really old version of the forest map here:


      These experiences will be based on current real life events. For example one mission will take part in a pirate town on the Yemen coast with a captured cargo ship docked in it’s port. You will be tasked with rescuing several captive crew members, disabling limpet mines attached to the ship hull, assassinating the local pirate leaders and destroying the pirates boats and ammo caches. The order you complete these objectives is up to the player as the map is completely open and non linear.

      The gameplay will revolve around stealth and deliberate action. All out action is possible but will result in a much harder experience. Weapon damage will be high and realistic, there will be no health packs or regenerating health.

      What we need from a programmer is the ability to use soul swapping and other smaller inclusions. This means the player can take control of any of his squad mates with the press of a button. Squad controls will also be needed to be implemented. Hopefully this can be achieved by writing custom flowgraphs nodes ( the scripting system of cryengine ) in C++. Lua knowledge will also be beneficial.

      I will be doing the environments, mission scripting and audio. Another Irish guy will be doing the models and animation. If the game quality is good enough we intend to release on PC for a low price on Steam and/or equivalents. If it’s not then it will be priceless as a portfolio piece. Things like these get you hired quicker than 4 year degrees.

      If you are interested or want to know more about the project please contact me at

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