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      hey all,

      I’m teaching myself directx, and trying to get some game demos/examples under my belt, so i can get a job in the game industry. [yes, just like that!]

      is there anyone in the same boat as me – who would like to meet up?
      i dunno, once a week or something.
      just to share what we learned that week, or help each other with whatever programming problems there are, that kinda thing.
      i live in dublin city center.
      ideally we’d be about the same level as each other in directx/programmming – so we could help each other and not be bored of what we’re doing.(but i dont mind if you know way more than me!i could probably use some help!)

      jeez, this sounds like a wierd nerds version of a lonely hearts add… :D
      i’ll stop now!


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      You popping along to the shindig? Would be a good place to start :)


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      that would have been a good idea.
      bit late now!

      did you guys stay out much later last night dave?


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      I started (it’s still going!) the d3d learning process a few years back, and would be glad to answer questions and what-not. I’m no pro, but I feel quite confident with the API having implemented a subset in software.


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      Hey eoin,

      I take it your still in cork, so any q/a stuff would have to happen through mail or on these forums?

      that makes it a little bit difficult –
      but if i’m ever truly stuck i’ll defintely look you up if thats okay!


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