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      Iam from Virtual Sim Group, and we need a project managers. We are a freeware group and your job will include the following:

      — Addon Software Manager —–
      Design of Projects(making up ideas for ideas and implementing, setting project schedules)

      Leading a development team ( not paid, were freeware)

      And a few other things

      — Virtual Event Managment Programs Manager —-

      Design of projects
      Investigating in requirements of virtual events
      Leading a development team ( not paid )

      And a few other things also

      We do not pay, its freeware, and projects dont have to be done in two or three weeks, 2 years at the max!

      More info @ http://www.virtualsimgroup.com

      Cheers Guys and Gals

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      Maybe you would like to give us a bit more details on who you are, what you do, and why you do it? Also – managing what, and who? Do you have any complete examples of work that you have done? Does the “Careers” section of your website indicate that some people can choose VSG as a career path (ie get paid)? Is there a single over-arcing goal of what you are doing?

      Just some questions :)


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      We do it because we meet the requirements of addons requested by users.
      We havent finsihed any of our projects as the projects are spread over 12 months or so.

      you can look at a custom website we did,

      The careers doesnt mean you get paid, we dont make any money so we cant pay anyone.

      We are trying to furture develop the gaming industrie.

      Hopes this helps

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