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    seen two screen shots of this in yesterday’s ‘the irish news’, the players looked pretty ok.

    well better than i was expecting anyway

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    good on ’em nice to see it getting out there

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    very good

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    It sounds surprisingly good. I wonder if it will be released internationally. I’ve never seen a game in my life so I’m not really fussed if it has the real players, but the writer seems quite annoyed about it. It’ll be interesting to see if this puts anyone off. Not having the real teams or players never stopped me from playing Pro Evo in the early days. I still find it funny that an Aussie company are the first to do it. Surely it should have been an Irish studio.

    Now where exactly is Casement Park….??

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    the reason it was done by the aussies is that its based on their engine for the aussie rules game

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    Indeed, Dillon. I just presumed that surely some Irish enthusiasts would have created a little version for it on the PC. Just for a bit of fun and all that. Maybe we’ll see that now that there’s actually been a game released for the sport.

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    Good to see, nice telly advert too.

    I guess….well done Sony

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    it’ll be interesting to see if this sells well will sony try and do a hurling game cos that would have to be started from scratch and could be done in ireland no prob. after all hurling is more popular than football in the US

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    and could be done in ireland no prob[/quote:3d9ed176ad]
    By who ?

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    Aphra K

    Ronny..current feature details how one Irish company tried to do a GAA football game..

    we tried to do a follow up interview with the Australian company but were not allowed by sony..

    guess they might allow us now since they have announced it.


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    I know ireland isn’t flooded with developers omen but if my memory serves me right didn’t sony ireland develope that speed freaks racing game for the ps1 in dublin?

    anyway it would be an ideal chance for a sony funded team to be formed in ireland is the point i was trying, and admittedly failing, to make

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    Funcom might be a little disapointed being thought of as sony…


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    excuse my ignorance :oops:

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    Its all good. Sony host better parties :)

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    The Australian chaps had a good few advantages over Pooka (or anyone really) on many counts…not least of which the already existing game engine that was almost tailor build for GAA games….

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    note the original thread on this topic…

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    I didnt read everyones reply so this might have been said already. Wheres the screenshots?! I went to the site and couldnt see any SS which seems a bit weird since the games out in Nov?

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    The promo is funny….


    Can anyone get this working, this link is the only link to the game I can find anywhere on the internet, but when I open it just gives a blank screen. You can watch these videos without registering can’t you.

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    Mick, if you have an account that can handle a 4mb file I can mail it to you.


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    Aye cheers man that would be great, just send it to my work account.

    m dot mcallister at asidua.com


    m.mcallister at

    It’s for to show my line manager anyway so I’d say he’ll let me off, but can you zip it, 4/5 is normally pushing it, not exactly sure of the size limit in here.


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    Mick, if you have an account that can handle a 4mb file I can mail it to you.[/quote:953e1157c5]

    Could you please send that to me too, thanks…


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    i think the reason the ad got taken off putfile is that sony made them do it, so if anyone is think of putting it on there site ya could be getting some strongly worded emails.

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    Don’t understand why sony doesn’t want it advertised Dillon. That’s not my plan anyway just wanted to see what it looked like. Have to say looks years behind current football/nfl titles, I know it’s not going to have the market appeal etc, but throwing in the prettist models would seem like the best idea to me if they want it to sell across the country it’s going to have to look up to scratch first and foremost, especially since it doesn’t have some players names. Hope it does well obviously, but judging from how under raps it’s being kept they’re not completely happy with what’s been put out, even that add only had 2 seconds of footage of the game. One month to release and not even a screenshot doesn’t sit right.

    {Edit} my terrible spelling

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    Perhaps because its not ready for release in november?

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    Funcom might be a little disapointed being thought of as sony…[/quote:3dc21d4a7c]

    So where can i get the real one from then?

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