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    Caught this on GamesIndustry.biz:


    Anyone have an insight?


    PS Happy Christmas one and all etc.

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    Nothing definite, but I did hear some rumours at the shindig on Friday night. This came from a guy based in the UK. This has been kept quite, probably because none of the Irish recruitment agencies got it???


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    Startup…Dublin…made up of industry veterans…have the Rare guys got their act together (from one of the UK’s most respected Devco’s)?
    Or someone completely new?

    This appears to be the same job…


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    A “RARE” opportunity to work on games in Dublin!

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    Hi all and a Happy New Year to everyone,

    anyone got any further insights into this? Is it Rare?

    Any idea if these guys will have a representative at the IGDA Ireland Chapter meeting this Thursday? I would imagine they wouldn’t have to buy a drink all night ;)

    I would certainly be lubricating their palettes mumbling the familiar refrain of Bozzer Hughes (?): “I could do that. Giz a job”.

    Where is the meeting anyhoo? Is everyone welcome to attend?


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    Yeah, anyone who wants to come along is welcome. Entry is free and as Tony Kelly pointed out in this thread here, game designer, Ernest Adams, will be giving a speech. Mr. Adams was a founding member of the IGDA back in 1994. To quote what Tony said “The chapter will be formally launched on Thursday 8th January in the Digital Hub on Thomas Street, Dublin at 7 pm.”

    I can’t answer your other questions regarding the new start-up company so I’m equally as interested to find out who they are and just exactly what is going on.

    By the way, I emailed Tony Kelly about this but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet, which is understandable considering how busy he is. Does anyone know if you can just show up or do you need to book a ticket or something incase the event is sold out?

    Thanks. It will be great to meet you all on Thursday. Seeya then. ;)

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    Hi Ronny,

    there are no tickets or entry requirements for the IGDA launch on the Thursday night. The workshop the following day (also with Ernest Adams) does require registration with the sponsor (Enterprise Ireland) and is also free

    Hope to see some of you at one or both events


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