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    Well looks like its coming this year after all.


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    Now we know.

    4 million units at launch means the factories have to have hit their stride in July to pump out 1 million per month. Isn’t manufacturing alleged to start in June?

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    World-wide launch….interesting!

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    what do u think are the odds that in 3-4 months time that because of some new reason a world wide release will not be possable. i would be impressed if sony kept their word this time.

    edit: actually i would be shocked if they did keep there word :wink:

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    What do you mean, they did such a fantastic job with the psp! And the PS2 slim-line. I have every faith in them pulling it off.

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    6 million units by March 2007? lol? :?

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    So in november: 1.5m to Japan, 1.5m to US and 1m to Euroland….oh and 200 to Australia via Ebay ^_^

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    Actually good point.
    PS3 out in november, just think of the money you could make by ebaying it for xmas….deadly….where do i pre-order ???

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    Weren’t people selling the XBox 360 boxes as well…probably make more money if you ebay it in parts….

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    i have a friend that works in game, he bought a 360 and sold it on ebay for a few hundred extra….

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    Weren’t people selling the XBox 360 boxes as well…probably make more money if you ebay it in parts….[/quote:14092c63ef]

    You’ll make several hundred on it if you ebay it. Think of all those people getting xmas presents. 360s made a fortune last time. Someone even sold an xbox box ( ie, the packaging ) and someone who didn’t read the description bought it for several hundred.
    Not that I condone this sort of behaviour…..

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    Its like those stories you hear of people buying manuals for laptops when they think they’re buying the actual laptop…. :roll:

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