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    if you’ve got a psp from the states then you have version 1.5 firmware. tommorrow a group will release a crack for the firmware (until now this was only possible on japanese version) which will allow you to run homebrewed games\app. so drop by and download. Definately looking forward to trying a few emulators etc on the go. and maybe even trying my hand at porting some of my old homebrewed games.


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    this has not been proven to be true yet, its stinks of fake (i.e. why delay, stupid screen shots etc)

    having said that, the interesting thing is a lot of the new emus that are coming out for the psp now, are overclocking the “crapped ” processor from 222mhz to 333mhz…

    some of the emus:
    ngPsp (Neo Geo Pocket)
    Rin (GB/GBC)
    XPCE (PC Engine)

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    nah i reckon its real alright..was only a matter of time

    according to ps2nfo.com they have other apps which they will release also.
    i suspect there a delay because it might be a total firmware upgrade similar to the messiah chips etc in ps2s.

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    ps2nfo.com have a history of posting fake news to get hits, not that i’m saying it is a fake, just don’t hold your breath

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    ps2nfo.com have a history of posting fake news to get hits[/quote:5e29323fae]

    fair enough, ive been going there for years when it was ps2ownz.com and i’ve encounter a few fakes alright. but i remain optimistics, like i said its only a matter of time to finding out.

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    well its been released http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=6764

    some people are posting that it does work

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    yeah of little faith;)
    gonna try it now.

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    you need 2 mem sticks, the psp forum at dcemu is going mad and i thing its going to get worse

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    you need 2 mem sticks, the psp forum at dcemu is going mad and i thing its going to get worse[/quote:f1063439af]

    yeah its no sweat your gonna need two memory sticks anyway, coz the 32 with it isnt a large enough for many games. i got an order in for a 1gb from the states but theres a backlog for about another week on them. something about a worldwide shortage of 1gb memory sticks since psp was launched everyone is snapping them up.

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    i applied the proper firmware patch to the psp 1.5 this morning and i gotta say im impressed. i managed to get it to boot a port of doom 1 shareware and it works great. sound etc. also the analog stick is used to control the character while dpad is used for changing weapons. can even call up the map :) can wait till somone ports commander keen and the likes.

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    so it works then.
    i was looking forward to MAME myself, but apparantly only 4 games work with it on psp atm.

    where’d you order the gig of mem peter_b?
    i got one from komplett here:
    seemed about the same price as the ones in the states…(you prob save a little on the exchange rate)

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    i bought mine of consolesource.com. they were the only ones on the web that had them at the time, but by the time i ordered they were out of them like the rest. so i have to wait till there in again.

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