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    September 1st, e265. The source says 249, but the current exchange rates convert it to 265.

    If anyone is willing to cough up that much for that piece of muck, theres no hope for you. :P

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    Look on the bright side…its months away, there might actually be a couple of good games out for it by then!

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    I wont hold my breath.

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    Ah now, don’t be like that. Its not that bad a piece of kit.

    I spent some time last week playing on a DS and its a nice piece of kit, but it definitely has some issues that need sorting out for the next version i think.
    The PSP is sony’s first hand-held and as such, isn’t that bad. Analogue stick is dodgy, shoulder buttons a bit dodgy, but it does have a nice screen and a decent processer running it. Once developers have converted their engines to get the most out of it, I reckon you’ll have some really nice games on it. Current stuff is bound to be iffy.

    I’m not a fan of sony goods, and don’t plan on buying one in the near future, but you can’t just thrash it completely.

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    And besides, I’m supposed to be the grumpy one around here!

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    Lol, im just having a bad day. :(

    Well ive held one and watched a bit of south park on it. Early impressions are that the screen and processor are the only impressive things about it. The sound quality is pretty bad analogue is horrible.

    Dont wanna turn this into another DS vs PSP basher but you know which im in favour of! Until i see some quality material on the PSP, i will judge it by its cover as thats what the Sony fanboys seem to do.

    I am actually a bit of a DS addict, i have 9 games in total now, *shrug*, no money left for food..

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    9 games!?!?
    I had a look around and besides WarioWare and Polarium, i didn’t see anything worth buying.

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    I messed around with the demo of the Metroid game and the ability to control the crosshairs with the touch pad was novel. Outside that I’ve only played Mario DS which was a fantastic port of the N64 game. I’m still undecided on the portables however, well my dislike of Sony and my uncertainty of the quality of games for the DS are my main worries really…:)

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    Played WipeOut Pure on the PSP and it’s fuckin’ class

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