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    psp rocks. im getting no work done (arrive in the post yesterday).

    ridge racer looks stunning (honestly i couldnt see much difference between ps2 version), also the load times are extremely fast. i like what they did with the analog stick too. its a sleak piece of kit, definately feels like a handheld aimed at the older market. some amout of features.

    i recommend anyone to get one, (unless you wanna do work), mine has been doing the rounds around the office all day.
    gotta go find it :)

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    You like what they did with the analog stick ????????
    But isn’t not even analog!
    I thought the stick is too far back too, not too bad for me, but someone with large hands would struggle with it.

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    OK, it probably will be thee must have Xmas toy but:

    Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced official sales figures for the PlayStation Portable launch last month, confirming analyst reports that the system only sold through just over half of its shipment in the first week.[/quote:76935158cb]

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    Yuo’re assuming its going to be out for xmas :p

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    yeah its quite comfortable to play. i must have played it until the battery died a death. about 4 hours of messing around with ridge racer, copying stuff over, movies music etc. wifi a bit to the pc.

    as for the analog i personally found it nice to use, quite responsive (also i got big hands and its find).

    anyway must go find this ebook reader and the other diy hacks.

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    read online yesterday, its going to be realise in may in europe (end of may)

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    End of May?

    Id expect to see Halo 3 before a PSP, Sony have already confirmed that it wont make it to these waters until at least June, which translates to September/October, and thats being generous.

    I have an idea, instead of waiting for that lump of coal to arrive, why not go out and get yourself a shiny new DS for half the price. :) Btw, just got Yoshi Touch & Go! last week, its menacingly addictive and pure nostalgic.

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    If by May, you mean…..September. ;)

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    well alot of the website, have no changed their release dates to reflect thhis. but maybe it wrong. dunno?

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    The further away, the better to be honest ;)

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    I just returned from Tokyo. The major electronics stores there were sold out of PSPs, so still happily selling away there.


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    Would love to go to Tokyo……..maybe we can have a shindig there sometime? :p

    Seriously though, definitely want to plan a 2 week holiday to Japan, 1 week in Tokyo and the another out going around the country seeing the sights!
    Want to stay in one of those capsule hotels too….they look class! :)

    On topic, yeah the PSP is doing very well in Japan, and seems to be doing pretty good in America too. Not suprising really, this is Sony afterall!

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    ds edges ahead of the psp this week.. i cant believe the ps2 still sells so many

    Btw, just got Yoshi Touch & Go! last week, its menacingly addictive and pure nostalgic.[/quote:a5db767caf]

    Yeah, picked it up myself. Really impressed with it. I love the marathon mode at later levels..the panic that ensues as you try to deal with all that is going on. ‘cept i left my charger at home so my battery is dead!

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    i can’t belive how badly the xbox is still doing! MS have a real up hill battle with the xbox 2 there.

    i think that xbox 2 biggest problem will be the ps2 not the ps3, that was the dreamcast problem (ps1 not ps2), it took the public so long to switch to the next gen (the dc only overtook psx sales the xmas before it was canceled).

    the selling power of the PS is unbeliveable

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    To be honest I think that the Japanese market isn’t a priority for MS. Yes, they are trying to bring the Japanese on board by signing up top class Japanese developers for the Xbox 2, but even if the Xbox 2 still does bad in Japan, once it does well in Europe and the US they will be happy.

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    It might look like its low priority to MS, but I reckon thats only because they performed so poorly out there last time. This time it looks like they will learn from their mistakes and take into account the local culture alot more.

    I would be very surprised if MS is happy to just leave that market alone, another poor performance with xbox360/xbox2/xboxNext will be nothing less than a major disappointment.

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    Yea they’ve even managed to sign up Hironobu Sakaguchi (of Final Fantasy fame) and his new compnay Mistwalker to MS Game Development Studios.

    Clicky for a full list of the new developers and the article itself.

    Personally i’d like to see the Xbox2 out sell the PS3. its always bugged me that the Xbox, even being the superior console, has been outdone but the PS2 due to lack of bigger games for so long.

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    did anyone see the biffovision article in the new edge?? In it, he calls the DS the scruffy bloke, who is funny and nice, and who you take home to you mother. And says that the PSP is the gorgeous, but cold hearted, rich bloke who works out alot and would call your mother a “working-class whore”…brillant… (PSP kinda reminds of christian bale in american psycho now :)

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    i like it!

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    I would be very surprised if MS is happy to just leave that market alone, another poor performance with xbox360/xbox2/xboxNext will be nothing less than a major disappointment. [/quote:18f80be266]

    MS is very serious about the Japanese market for next generation.


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