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      I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good resource on puzzle design? I’ve read Scott Kim’s GDC talk in 2000 but would really like to read more.

      I’ve googled but there’s a lot of junk being returned in the results

      Thanks :)

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      Hey Anthony.

      Randy Smith, of Looking Glass’ Thief, has a GDC 2009 talk: "Helping Your Players Feel Smart: Puzzles As User Interface".

      Jonathan Blow has an older talk that brushes the topic a bit: "Indie Prototyping, Braid, & Making Innovative Games".

      Google the text in quotes; I can’t link URLs.

      I remember Alexey Pajitnov presented another great deck somewhere about designing Hexic, but I must have deleted and have no reference for it.

      Find anything yourself, post it here.

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      Thanks I’ll check those out.

      I think I’ve watched that Blow talk before but I’ll double check – he has a lot of talks knocking around!

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