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      Hello game developers,

      as an Irish software developer looking to set up a human motion capture business to provide services to game development companies in Ireland– I would like to know if there is a market for this service. Perhaps you could help with this enquiry?

      Do you see game developers requiring motion capture services. eg. Full body motion capture to assist in animation / modelling?

      thank you for your time,

      Garrett Crowley

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      Aphra K

      I will be interested to see what others say but I would think fairly limited. Maybe a business when combined with the animation and other industries..

      I know that this is also done in TCD – at least it is available to students and staff there.


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      There’s not much development ongoing that would require custom mocap solutions as far as I know but you could possibly offer canned mocap packages like Mixamo https://www.mixamo.com/motions

      Also nothing to stop you formatting them and selling them on the Unity or Unreal marketplaces or sites like Turbosquid, but it’d be tough to generate regular income here.

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      I would say ‘no’ to be honest with you.

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      Thank you all for your feedback – really appreciate it.

      It looks like there is no demand at present – I will do some more research in medical and sports areas to be complete . I now think that this will not be a storng enough idea to base a full time business around.

      Pete- thanks for the link to Maximo.

      Thanks again for contributing.


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