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    I’m trying to find an online article I read just days ago about a Japanese researcher, who says that as virtual characters get more believable our suspension of disbelief goes up too – until just before the characters are lifelike, where our suspension of disbelief plummets. He calls this drop off the ‘credibility canyon’ or somesuch, and I cant bloody find the article anymore!
    All I can remember is that there was a pic from Gears of War, the one of the human patrol with the sergeant wearing a beret.
    Can any body help me out? I’ve exhausted my Googling options, now I’m just annoyed…


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    The phenomenon is called “the uncanny valley” and it applies not only to suspension of disbelief but attractiveness to a given character. Tadhg Kelly of Lionhead talks about it in his blog at http://particleblog.blogspot.com/ although he initially refers to it as the frankenstein effect, if I remember correctly somone posts a comment directing him to the research. I’d look it up for you but I’m very very lazy.

    I think it was at the end of august/ beginning of september

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    Far less lazy than I need – thats more than enough of a lead for me. Thanks a million. No wonder I got nothing by searching, I was putting in canyon and going crazy looking at virtual tour guides of the Grand Canyon. Balls to that. Should’ve come here first.

    As an aside, bring on the next gen search engines – all I would need there is to remember the right pic from the article (which was the one thing I could remember)…

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    Check gamasutra.com too :idea:

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    Yeah it makes sense, we are bred to recognise human faces and outlines and movement.

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    Yeah it makes sense, we are bred to recognise human faces and outlines and movement.[/quote:8044319378]good entry on the uncanny valley in wikipedia too

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    Isn’t this the concept that a cartoon is acceptable because we can see it is a cartoon and accept that it won’t be 100% realistic but that an ultra realistic CG character looks so real that we start to judge it as real and the failures become very jarring/unpleasant?

    I wonder if the cause of this is our natural ability to recognise/judge the suitability of others as potential partners and or recognise ill-health. We make a lot of unconscious decisions about people based on tiny physical/physiological cues that they give off. Many of those cues will be missing from a CG character so we would read them as ill/dead/zombie – not nice!

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    Nah, your thinking of the Uncally Vanney, its completely different

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    How is it different? Suspension of disbelief and attractiveness to a given character is preciselly what the uncanny valley is concerned with

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    Nah, your thinking of the Uncally Vanney, its completely different[/quote:a17dd0f705]

    he he…nice.

    but yeah, it is precisely what he said…although his hypothesis is the same as all evolutionary psychology hypotheses – empirically untestable and thus unverifiable.

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    Why I laugh

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