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    Just a general wondering here, would it be possible to get into the games industry as a writer. You see, I don’t have a good grasp of maths and programming languages are just too complex for me no matter how broken down they are but I am good at writing and I wanted to spoof such games as resident evil, silent hill, megaman and now the new turn the sonic series has taken. Please reply soon.

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    Certainly there is a place for writers within the games industry and they currently crying out for decent stories, hmmm a plot a twist maybe and an ending how unique, quick patent that!! :twisted:

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    read this months edge magazine. theres a interview with simon pegg, graham linehan etc. and in the interview they’re discuss dire plot twist\character lines etc. and how in next gen this has to go.
    Maybe you could write for these.

    As for sonic and megaman having great stories? have they? I suspect this shadow game is a bit different but at the end of the day, sonic story is straight forward. Stop the bad guy and collect the crystals :)

    i think a really good sort of game to write for would be an RPG. FFVII story was amazing, great twists, great character development backed up my reasonable good acting.. AAA game which looked and sounded like a AAA hollywood blockbuster(something which is even rarer).

    Good look breaking the industry.

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    I always presumed that writers were just……….writers. That is, they wrote for TV, Movies, and Games, etc……and didn’t just restrict themselves to one medium. So I would think you would probably need to write for all sorts in order to make a good living. I don’t think there are many games specific writers.
    My thinking could be way wrong on this, but that is what I always presumed.

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    I would of thought it extremely difficult to get into the games industry as an unkown writer… How do other writers get their break, surely they move up/down from other mediums…

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    If you want to talk to a writer, you might wanna check out GameDev.net
    (yes, yes, sorry for the plug in, but I think it’s appropriate here)
    We have a “Writing for games” section with a quite a few people interested in that aspect of things. There is one guy in particular that’s really cool: adventuredesign, I believe he has a .plan or something. Sunandshadow is very helpful, too.

    So essentially, like the others here said. It’s highly unlikely you’d be a “Game Writer”. Or maybe in a decade or two, when games have become a unique medium with its own standards and writing for games has become as different from TV/movie script writing as poetry is to novel writing ? Yeah, you can dream ;)

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    Ok I know 3 people who specifically were writers before they entered the games industry, and I was one as well. We’re all published.

    1 made it in by taking other jobs in technology, building those skills and entering as a tester and moving up via level design. He is now firmly established as solely a video games person.

    The second is probably the most prolific of the lot of us regarding published work. He works occasionally with videogames as a scriptwriter, but still needs to take other writing jobs to earn a living.

    the 3rd started his own company and I believe he is still in the biz, I haven’t heard from in over 8 years though.

    I got a few interviews but was ultimately shot down for lack of qualifications. I’m in my final year of college now.

    I have been explicitly told, only a short time ago in fact, that there is little to no use for a full time writer in any games company. You will need more strings to your bow, preferably level design and scripting ability. Don’t get intimidated, level design is easily done on paper and then transfered to a level editor, it just takes practice. Scripting is not overly difficult and is certainly not as complex as programming.

    Games courses are emerging, and might well become a standard with a few short years. If you can afford it I’d recommend a short games course, there’s 3 about I believe 2 in Dublin(Ballyfermot) and 1 up north (sorry no idea).

    PM me if you’d like to know about Ballyfermot, and I’m sure someone will stick up their hand as a student contact point for the other courses

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    As long as you dont go from ‘Writer’ to ‘Games Designer’ I have no problems.

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