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    Just watched Episode III today, and came back and slapped on the orginal trilogy. While I was watching them I did a model of R2D2.
    One of my favourite characters in the series, so glad I finally got around to modelling the little blighter. Will have to do an animation with him next.

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    really nice work!! i love the texturing.

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    Excellent Dave, truly you are the mace windu of modelling! :D

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    Cheers for the kind words. I have actually slightly changed the texture for R2’s ‘dome’. It wasn’t quite metallic enough, so I have changed the texture a bit to remedy this.
    I am in the middle of rendering a small 250 frame animation of him so I will post that up when its done sometime tomorrow as it will take 14 hours to render.

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    thats awesome, hopefully once we start gettin some promo animations for our dare project done, we can get them posted up here. whats the poly count on the little tin can??

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    Fantastic work, Dave! The model is pretty much perfect, stuff in a background to put the icing on the cake.

    Well done! Never stop being amazed by your work. Keep it up. :)

    Considered making C3P0? Could animate a scrap between the two!

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    Nice model, nice textures look forward to seeing it animated :)



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    very nice work, Dave

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    Great job man, thats spot on.

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    Just watched Episode III today, and came back and slapped on the orginal trilogy. While I was watching them I did a model of R2D2. [/quote:29539a861a]
    So in the space of ~7hours you did that?

    *subscribes to Noopticals newsletter*


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    Cheers guys. The poly count is 64,000.
    I started it about an hour before I started watching the films, so about 8 hours to model and texture it. Spent about another hour or two tweaking the rendering.
    The animation is *still* rendering, been going for 10 hours so far and another 9+ left. For about 10 seconds of animation……….why do I torture myself like this…. :p

    Here is a frame from the animation, just to show the new, more metallic dome texture.

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    kick ass model there..

    saw the new movie last night, very good indeed. nice and dark!

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    excellent. texture work is great!!

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    Can we have Jar Jar next?

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    No Skyclad, no. Great work Noopt looks lovely

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    So Noopt, when are you applying for a position at Lucas Arts?

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    is that why you might miss tonight’s shindig, Dave? waiting for the render to finish…

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    …STILL rendering…..the time is going up rather than down….also I noticed some weird effect the glow was causing. There were these white spots appearing all over the render, and I only noticed it at frame 146. So had to open them all up in photoshop and manually remove them……

    Tony, one thing I would never do is sacrifice pints for rendering! :p
    Hopefully I will be able to make it in……

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    Simple animation of R2. Had to cut it down quite a lot to keep the movie size down, but also because the render time was excessive with indirect illumination etc. There are some sound effects in there too, so turn on your speakers. :)
    4.5 megs. Bink Video.


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    Nice work on the animation Dave. like the sound effects too

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    Very cool, Dave!

    I’ve been doing a bit of animation myself lately. Getting the file size down while still viewable is an art in itself.

    How did you get the sound effects?

    Well done. 8)

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    looking good alright.

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    Ronny, I got the sound effects from “A New Hope” dvd. It was an art in itself to get some clean effects without C3PO prattling on in the background….. :p

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    Wonderful Dave. You’ve really captured the character of R2, in such a short animation.

    Well done. You truly are the maestro.

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