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    Anyone know of any interesting projects going on in Ireland where someone is integrating real world items (toys) with games such that the physical item communicates with the game in some way (RFID, QR codes, iBeacon etc) and impacts the game play?



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    Galvanics bio-sensor, the ‘PIP’, essentially gives you a stress level reading. Galvanic are developing apps/ games that incorporate this info and should help the player to train themselves to calm/ relax. http://www.thepip.com

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    You should contact Toby Farren. He was heavily involved with the wearable Wednesday event that took place in the science galary recently that focused heavily on these types of things.

    Although they were less games and more apps that used peripherals.

    Tobys facebook.

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    Also Copan


    There was similar things like this more recently. I think Owen Harris might know a bit about them.

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