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      Aphra K

      Hi all,

      Now I guess I am abusing my position here but there you go, needs must..

      I am involved in a project here in STeM/called New Media: New Pleasures which is exploring what is it about DVDs, digital television and both online and offline digital games that people enjoy and if this enjoyment is similar to, or different from, older media.

      It is a tough one to study but we are now about to pilot a methodology to do that and are looking to recruit people who live in particular types of households. These are:
      1: Cohabitors: partners
      2. Cohabitors: friends
      3. Single person living alone (male)
      4. Single person living alone (female)
      5. Family with teenage children

      We would prefer if you played games and used DVDs and had digital television (either SKY or NTL) but we are also interested in people who use two of the three media. Even if you just rent DVDs, that is ok as long as it is fairly regularly.

      We would be looking for these households to firstly fill out a general 2 page questionnaire and then to let us into their house for 1-2 hours to talk about particular games/DVDs/digital tv programmes that they enjoy.

      We don’t come with a lot of goodies unfortunately – just biscuits and some questions. But we are well behaved (it would be me and Julian – our visiting German student) and the actual visit would be quite informal – really a chat about what you enjoy..

      the identity of anyone who takes part will remain anonymous and we will use the findings to inform the development of a larger project and the multimedia/communications degrees here in DCU..each person who partipates will get copies of the final findings and have a chance to comment back to us on them..

      Mail me directly for further details.. you can mail through this site at the contact link on the top navigation bar



      PS we are willing to travel outside Dublin!

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      Aphra K

      interesting piece on the more critical approach to studying games and the people involved in it

      see here


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