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    Hi I am studying a computer course in college and want to create my own website as a kind of portfolio!

    I was wondering is there any reason not to trust domain registration websites and also would ye have any recommendations?

    Also would I need web hosting for such a project seen as I’m only in the mean time going to use it as a portfolio site?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. Apologies if this is the wrong topic to be inquiring about on this site but it is a gaming course I’m doing :)

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    Aphra K

    well gamedevelopers.ie is registered in ireland with IEDR, for obvious reasons, and while more pricey than other options I have not had any reasons so far to not trust them. See http://www.domainregistry.ie/

    Your university or college may also offer some space but then you would have to be off their url…


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    thanks for the domain registration

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    Cheers aphra appreciate it! It reassured me alot

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    Just to clarify, you’ll only be able to register a .ie for your own personal name or for a business/company/trademark name that you own.

    So I could register MarkAherne.ie but not MyPortfolio.ie (as I do not have a My Portfolio business/company/trademark).

    I don’t know of any other domains with this limitation though, so you’re free to register any of the other domains.

    Apologies if this is already completely obvious.

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    No. Thanks for that it will be useful in the future registered a name with .com and it worked so all good on that front cheers if you have any advice on hosting your own web page instead of paying for it it would be a great help! :)

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    I think your best bet would be to register for a free blog (such as http://wordpress.com/) or use one of the free site builders such as http://www.weebly.com/

    You can always purchase a domain later and point it at your blog/site (those blogs/sites give you a free subdomain (*.wordpress.com etc.).

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    Just to add to this. Digiweb (Yes they’re still around, I laughed too) do a free student hosting deal for a year including registration of a .com .org or .net

    I got one last year.



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    Would you need much knowledge of PHP or some language of that nature or just the basics also would that be too much pressure for a laptop I will still be using for college? May get a new 1 in the summer when the insurance runs out!

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    You don’t need any PHP at all, you could just create a static website.

    I would recommend against using the laptop though, as your home connect wouldn’t be anywhere near as fast as a hosted solution (like WordPress.com). Also the laptop would need to be on and connected to the net at all times. That is unless you’d like to use it as a learning experience, which I would recommend.

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    Ah ya I see what you mean may leave it for now and come back to it in a few months time! Will probably look at it for the learning experience alright it sees like it would be worthwhile for the future anyway! Cheers

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    thing to see before you choose a domain name
    –Your Domain Name Should Be Your Website Name
    — Possible Spelling
    — Shorter is Better
    — Easy to Type
    — Easily Understood
    — Unique
    –Commercial Appeal and
    –domain name extension
    and if all these factors satisfy you can register your domain and there are many providers who are providing the service you can try any of them who satisfy the requirement..i got my domain registered with Thewebpole and hosted my domain..

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    if you are looking for domain registration you can try WhoisXY.com

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