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    My motherboard blew up the other night. I’m about to get it replaced.

    Any idea who stocks motherboards in Dublin? Specifically I’m looking for a Epox EP-8RDA+

    Any advice appreciated…


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    I can only list off the usual suspects:
    PC World

    This is a differant model to the one you mentioned though.

    Is the one you mentioned an older model? If it is, it could be difficult to get it….

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    Maplin electronics on jervis street are good and also Marx computers out in fairview are pretty good aswell. There are probably others but I can’t think of any right now. will post up more when I think of them.


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    Heres the link to Marx computers site you might see what your after…

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    Thanks all, the place in Fairview might be ideal for me, just down the road :)

    Next question: AMD or Pentium?

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    If I was going for a new processor tomorrow I would get an Athlon 64. ;)

    But thats just my personal preferance based mainly on price and performance.

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    Thankyou both. AMD it is. I’ll check out the links you kindly supplied Gizmo.

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    To further tap your knowledge Gizmo, I can tell you that I’ll be using the machine for 3d and 2d graphics, and gaming (of course).

    I presume I could keep my current processor, and plug that into the ‘mobo’?

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    looking at the specs online, it seems my mobo is socket A, and you have specified socket 939’s.

    Is this intended, or an oversight? Confused…


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    you should also try IT Direct on Parliament St… I’ve found to be pretty price competitive in the past. They have a website somewhere too

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    Thanks Tony. I’ll look into it.

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    Marx Computers were able to supply me with a great little mobo. Thanks for the tip, as I didn’t fancy trekking all the way into town!


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    no worries buddy, glad I could help.

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    If your going to buy components in ireland, I’d recommend komplett.
    I buy a lot of my hardware from komplett, they are very competitively priced, and they regularly stock a wide range of high end components.

    looking at the specs online, it seems my mobo is socket A, and you have specified socket 939’s.
    I presume I could keep my current processor, and plug that into the ‘mobo’?[/quote:bce477e83e]

    A motherboard(mainboard) and processor must be mutually compatible in order for them to be used together.

    Ie, you can only run 939 CPUs in a socket 939 motherboard. You can not stick a socket 754 CPU in a socket 939 mainboard, or vicea versa.

    Socket A has been officially end-of-lifed.

    I recently bought a new setup, so I’ve taken a look at current mainboards. Heres the conclusions I’ve came to:

    I would definitely recommend AMD socket 939 as the way to go at the moment, esp. for games. AMD usually tend to do better on the FPS/money curve, for games, than Intel do. And I recommend AMD Socket 939 because there’s a very nice upgrade path – AMDs future dual core chips will be socket 939.

    I found this article:
    very useful for getting general ideas of comparitive speed.

    I also bought a mainboard with a PCI Express slot, which you probably want for future graphics cards (although this may mean upgrading your current card).

    Komplett also do ‘upgrade bundles’ where they ship you a CPU, mainboard, and ram at a reduced price.

    If you do have a similar issue in future, you might want to think about one of those as well…

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    Sorry boadle, I had used the second link listed and was thinking Socket 939.

    Yes feral is right, Komplett seem to be the way to go these days. Both their prices and delivery are especially good.

    Socket 939 is definitly your best bet these days. All the boards I listed above would be great upgrade paths, especially since AMD has just announced that all newer Socket 939 motherboards will be compatible with their new dual core processors, needing only a BIOS update.

    PCI-E is also a necessity for future planning of your system. Although AGP will stick around for a good while longer PCI-E is definitly the way forward. The only downside is that the newer PCI-E equipped mobos dont cater for AGP cards so it may mean replacing your graphics card aswell…

    And on a final note, for 2d/3d apps and gaming then AMD is definitly the way to go. As you can see from the benchmarks link I listed, the Intels only beat their AMD “counterparts” in Office like applications.

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