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    Aphra K

    I am drafting the annual review for gd.ie and wanted to make sure I included everything. So, what were your highs and lows of 2005 in relation to the games industry or games in general in Ireland or what do you think must absolutely be included. Launch of xbox 360 doesn’t count!



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    gaa game on the ps2 is a major low

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    gaa game on the ps2 is a major low[/quote:8126bc46d1]
    Really? I thought it was quiet irrelevant.

    Major blow was the loss of Kapooki.

    I largely unimpressed with the new hardware released this year, but mass public lapped it up, so nothing new there.
    A highs, lots of new games courses… but maybe not enough existing work to keep graduates in the country.

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    i view it as a major low as most people who i’ve been talking to that played it and aren’t big into games thought it had been made in ireland and it therefore cast a bad image on the game dev scene in ireland even though it had nothing to do with it

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    Boadle joining Free Radical Design, always nice to see a member do well. I suppose that would be a high… or low depending on how you look at it( Ireland loosing a talented artist)

    Nothing really springs to mind…

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    Torc Releasing the Dreadnaught Demo was a big high, showing us what is achievable on these shores.

    BitRabbit getting their title Atomanix picked up by Swisscom was also good news.

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    gaa game definatley the low point..

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    Aphra K

    gosh yes the gaa game…must not forget that..

    if the trend in people continues we might need a gd.uk url!


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    Can’t really think of much stuff specific to Ireland that hasnt been mentioned already…

    In general though , notable events were…

    World Of Warcraft, althought being released last November finally comes into its own and breaks the barrier between popular online gaming and the world of beardy weirdy making online RPG-ing slightly more “cool”.

    3D Realms resurrects Prey at the E3, demo to be released before Christmas.

    On the hardware front nVidia finally broke the usual launch trend by having a non-paper launch and having GTX units in the stores on the day of release. ATi on the other hand are still dragging their heels.

    Creative launched the X-Fi series of audio cards, the first decent jump in desktop audio preformance since the original Soundblaster top Audigy jump. Gamers were specifially targeted with the release of the Fatal1ty version of the board as were many other areas as he whored his name out to the likes of Abit, Auravision and other manufacturers.

    Sony and Nintendo release the next-gen in portable gaming with the PSP and DS.

    …don’t know how many of those are relevant in this case though…

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    Dave finally got the Search function working

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    I thought it was broken….doesnt work for me anymore…..

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    – industry sessions at Eurographics
    – Digital Hub’s gaming ‘month’
    – Dare to be Digital – 2 x teams from Ireland (BFHE & NWIFHE)
    – new courses coming onstream (UL, LYIT, UoU, etc.)
    – don’t forget TKO studio’s uncertain future…
    – Steve Collins leaving Havok to return to Trinity
    – no. of folks off these boards getting industry jobs here and in UK
    – release of Torc’s Dreadnought 64-bit demo (small but important – is a world first, after all)
    – BitRabbit’s success
    – number of companies considering setting up over here (3 at last count, excluding DC Studios which is still on the cards)

    I’m sure there’s more…

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    In no particular order off the top of me head…

    Some gd.ie folk moving into devcos
    Dreadnought Demo
    BitRabbit doing well
    Demonware doing well
    Me new job

    Some gd.ie folk moving into UK devcos ;)
    Kapooki going Kaput (sorry)
    I missed all the shindigs

    I’ll edit when I think of more…too busy atm

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    Aphra K

    great..thanks…I’ve been through all the news and features but just want to make sure I don’t miss other stuff.. can’t keep track of you all

    and Kyotokid me thinks you are trying to avoid the shindigs, not get to them! :)


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    PSP locking out the HOME BREW stuff was a real buzz kill

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    Me new job


    Same goes for me. Making pals with sonic and tails.

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    We demand a photo….please?

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    We demand a photo….please?[/quote:e42604b0d1]

    photo of what?

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    Two big things for CanDo in the last year were developing and delivering the 3D marketing games for two high profile clients, Sony Pictures ( TripleX 2 ) and the US Govt ( Esuvee ).


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    photo of what?[/quote:e34fb85bef]

    Sonic, Tails and your good self. :wink: *Bad attempt at humour

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    photo of what?[/quote:88bb8c8f11]

    Sonic, Tails and your good self. :wink: *Bad attempt at humour[/quote:88bb8c8f11]

    ah right. turns out the costumes are currently doing the rounds of the various christmas parties and charity gigs. ill get a photo with one in the new year. If i had known earlier i could have got ye one at the xmas bash down london. Some party, just one of many things the company do well ;)

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    how about the progress of irish companies such as nephin, eirplay, gmedia and starcave?

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    Aphra K

    so, gmedia

    company in Limerick..

    see here .. http://www.nsd.ie/htm/news/story.php3?id=2885

    tell us more..?


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    Managing Director is Matthew Lynch and co-founder is Chris Lynch. Guessing we have a family business.

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