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    WOW what a game i bought it today and just couldnt let it down well besides the obvious nature break this game is for me has taken the serious back to its roots when resident evil was fun and scary there is so many great points

    1 Weird villagers
    2 Head Shots” Head Shots “Head Shots “Head Shots and more bloddy head shots
    3 All the weaponery
    4 the shere fun of shooting someone with the rifle from a great distance
    5 upgradable weapons

    these are just a few this game is amazing and im only on dics 2 now if you own a gamecube buy this game now if not buy a cube then the game it really is that worth it

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    man, you really need to get that fullstop key fixed ;)

    The game sounds very cool!

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    well besides the obvious nature break this game is for me has taken the serious back to its roots [/quote:05c323429d]

    You lost me right there…….

    Seriously though, this game does look excellent. Although I would only buy it if it’s completely differant to previous RE titles because I find the control system on those games very frustrating.

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    picked it up there on friday. I thought it was a small bit over rated at the beginning. Excellent graphics though. But now that I’m getting into it, i love the massive variety of locations and enemies. The boss battles are also amazing. I don’t find it as scary as previous versions though (although it has its moments). Some of the script is cheeeeezzzzzyyy though (nothing new there).

    One thing that deserves a mention is the weapon system. The ability to choose to spend your hard earned cash between the juicy more powerful weapons or upgrading the ones you have, although a small feature, really adds to the game.

    Overall, good stuff.

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    I was playing it with an artist and he was almost having an orgasm – going on about:

    “wow! they’ve tristripped the edges – wow I cant believe it. This stuff is very optimised. Mmm beveled edges. ”


    “mirrored texture…well hidden”


    “Vertex and lightmaps….”


    “Great use of instanced objects”


    “Jesus Christ!, did you see his melon explode”

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    Sheesh:rolleyes: Artists huh????:confused:

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