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      Hi all,

      I was browsing games this weekend, as I have an ashamedly long list of titles-to-play, when I noticed a few titles with stickers on them stating something to the effect of:

      "Due to software piracy, we do not offer a returns policy on games. Shop wisely."

      Now, I’m not in Europe, (I’m sure if I was EU Stormtroopers would have stormed the place – Rainbow-Six-Style), but I thought this was a bit harsh.

      Last time I checked, it boiled down to the consumer having a right to "[Cash]Refund, Replacement or Repair;" consumer’s choice.

      If this were the case, kids could just go in to shops, buy games, take them home, rip them, note the CD keys, (possibly authenticate online), then return the game, and the next poor sob that buys it is (potentially) locked out of the online experience.

      I wonder if the music industry had similar problems with Audio Cassettes, and how that was solved (if at all)?

      Furthermore, how do you guage customer satisfaction with a product, when that product is a "game?"

      I’m sure thats part of the reason why there is a push on for digital downloads and distribution methods, but do they offer any form of refund system, if and when the consumer finds they are not happy with the product? Or do they just give you some more Xbox dollars, etc?

      Or is there rational that you are not in fact purchasing a product, and therefore the 3 R’s (refund, repair, replacement) do not apply, as you are in fact, taking part in a service, like SKY, where in the small print it states "quality of service may vary at times."

      I wonder if TIGA or the rest of them, have anything under way?

      Anyone any thoughts or experience on this?


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      I’m pretty sure that consumer rights in the uk (and ireland?) are, that you are entitled to a replacement or refund if the goods are faulty or if you were sold the product under false pretences you are entitled to a refund. But there is no law saying that your entitled to a refund if you change your mind. It seems that most shop just have some sort of return policy. I know that cash converters don’t allow refund/ exchanges on any software, and I think game shops only allow a refund if the product is not opened but i’m not sure about that.

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      I know GAME over here have a refund policy but only if the seal on the game isn’t broken. In this day and age I can’t see how much fairer you can get to be honest.

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      Sealed=full refund but nothing stopping you opening the game copying it and then selling back as second hand and getting about half your money back (or credit) if you do within a few days of game coming out.

      Digital Downloads solve so many problems, and manuals are usually crap these days anyway.

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