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      anyone thinking of developing for the “rev” I have a feeling that they will allow almost anyone make games for it. it can’t be that hard?

      anyone with any intentions at all?

      anyone working on indie games at the moment.

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      by rev you mean nintendo revolution, ya i reckon budget costs for a game will be low. although i hate to say it it will prob be nintendo’s last venture in hardware. Gonna prob end up like Sega, which in the long run is a much better place to be, nintendo ip on all platforms, back catalogues to publish. Imagine Mario X on 360\ps3 would be very cool.

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      the cost of dev kits and nintendo’s willingness to work with indie publishers such as garage games, as microsoft have done, will determine if many indie companies opt to work on titles for the revolution or not, but it would seem like an ideal situation to have, small indie teams working on unique game ideas to exploit the revolutions controller

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      Nintendo aren’t going the way of Sega anytime soon. They make a bucketload of money on their consoles and the exclusive content they create for them. Much more than Microsoft do, and they won’t be pulling out of the console hardware business anytime soon.

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      Nintendo aren’t going the way of Sega anytime soon. They make a bucketload of money on their consoles and the exclusive content they create for them. Much more than Microsoft do, and they won’t be pulling out of the console hardware business anytime soon.[/quote:0649803bb8]

      i think you’ll find if you look at sales on gamecube and the number of publishers who have announced games for rev will contradict this. They made alot off gba,ds but not gamecube. last time i checked gamespot there was like 4 titles annouced and they were all remakes. Also nintendo arent even trying to compete with next gen rivals, rev is a glorified gamecube with a few bits tacked on lets face it. Fair enough its got a fancy wand to go with it, 95% of games wont use it. Time will tell but i reckon they will be a publisher developer next time round, no hardware..

      (as for exclusive content mario X isnt going to keep the checks rolling in though)

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      I’m buying the next nintendo console because most other games have gone stale in my hands. enjoying the DS immensely new game styles float my boat, the PSP has like three maybe 4 decent games which are available on the PS2 and they are not as good as the PS2 version (apart from lumines). but I’m always looking for something new.

      The funniest thing I heard lately about computer games was from a girl who has not played video games since she was young. i was talking about Mario tennis and how much fun it was multiplayer. she burst out laughing saying that’s silly, isn’t it just a glorified pong?

      which can be said about almost every game on the gamecube, PS2 and Xbox. that’s why gamecube games sales hurt, bad. wind waker and sunshine were just glorified N64 games. and the only thing really new was Donkey Konga, DK Jungle beat, Odama and Animal Crossing. I have 45 gamecube games. and about 30 direct sequels. Monkey ball was not even new, it was marble madness and I’m sure that there is a game which Precedes that.

      introducing me into new game concepts are whats going to really keep me into games, that or an amazing story but I can’t see that happening again for a while. most game narratives are too similar to other games.

      I can really see a drive for new game concepts from both nintendo and Indie Game developers. PS3 and Xbox360 buyers definitely want more of the same, I do not.

      I want developers to try and reinvent the wheel.

      console war aside.
      indie game devolopment, does it exist in ireland? there’s plenty interested (maybe not competent) and with the magic of communication technology it is possible. so why not?

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      At GDCE Marko Hein did a comparison of projected development costs for the next gen. He put revolution at about the $10,000,000 mark with PS3 and XBox 360 at $30,000,000.

      Blitz might be the first to announce development for the revolution in Europe, but Nintendo have kept everyone quiet about even having dev kits. My question would be why were Blitz allowed to announce while others weren’t?

      As for the other point raised, about same types of games resurfacing:

      We need the same types of games to be made, we need developers to master the genres. The problem I see is that developers seem happy to release games that make no improvements within their genre. Game X was good? Ok now tech has mved on since that was developed, so go back and make it better. If you can’t make significant improvements then leave it as a GDD and revisit it at a later date.

      If every game has to be a new concept we’ll be awash with gimicks, just like we’re over run with FPS games (or maybe 3rd person shooters at this stage).

      Every game is just pong? Is every movie just like “train pulling into a station”?

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      I think the Revolution will do very well.

      Nintendogs Revo = $$$$

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      Nintendogs Revo = $$$$[/quote:72b815308c]

      yeah when you think of franchises and Nintendo it tends to turn one’s stomach.

      the only possible improvement on Nintendogs is the opportunity to hurt the dog.

      which led me to nintenzoo.

      now that is a horrible thought.

      master the genres.[/quote:72b815308c]

      that’s all down to a matter of opinion.
      I personally believe there is no such way of mastering a “genre” as you say. you can master tasks or functions. but you cannot master creativity. if that were true, then there would be one definitive definition of each game. and there would be no variance. there would not be any new genres by your way of thinking as well.

      as with other mediums the creato can display a different take on a “genre”. which some people wrongly call an advancement in that genre, when there is no obvious direction.

      what exactly constitutes a genre?
      an FPS? this basically means that the camera is taken from eye perspective and involves some form of shooting. IMO nothing more nothing less

      does it have to use a mouse?
      does the master version involve a mouse?
      should there be a hud?

      if there was a such thing as mastering the FPS genre there would only be one option for each of the above questions. what matters is the experience the game creators want to create.

      so new experiences is what i am after. thus new genres.

      (and i almost got to the end of this without having to reference film)

      you wouldn’t want to watch the same film over and over again until they had mastered it?
      you don’t want

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