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    A bit meaningless to compare…

    I think the Gamecube has great graphics, so a machine that has twice the horsepower of that is fine by me (as long as I get great games)


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    Hrm, this is true however…its just…argh, its sooo slow! I’ve said it before, if Nintendo could just take their creativeness and ability to make great games and combine it with the Sony/MS practice of using better tech then you’d have like, the ultimate games company! :D

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    How much speed do you need???
    The PS2 is extremely good and its only recently being tapped to get the best performance possible. If Nintendo make their tech easy to master it may not make much difference, cos i’m pretty sure the ps3 and xbox aren’t going to be easy to push to the limit.

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    I duno, it just seems that developers are going to have to be more aware of the system specs on the Revolution than they are on the XBox360 and PS3 when they are developing their game. I mean, its not something they’re going to have to think about, within reason of course, on the latter consoles for quite some time I reckon.

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    Interesting Mark Reins comments that the Unreal Engine 2 is capable of maxing out the Rev.


    I dont see its specs being too big of a factor as if nothing else we can rest assured Nintendo will push the gameplay boundaries. Still though it would be nice to see what they could do with the power of the PS3/XBOX360

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    More shaders, polycount and shine?

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    Same article has a link to another where Midway claim to be developing a game using Unreal 3 for the revolution. Mostly speculation on the part of the writer but he says its due to the downward scaling capabilities of the engine. Guess its another wait and see.

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    Revolution has never been about making a horsepower machine. Its really about new methods of playing games. Its should be able to produce great graphics since if the specs are correct its about twice the power of the gamecube which was able to produce metroid prime (graphical greatness).
    I cant wait to see E3 this year to see what the revolution is possible of doing and when it is going to be released. I heard that they arent planning a worldwide release so europe will prob get it in 2007 (boohoo’s)

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    i like the way ninty let their games do the talking and leave specs out until it really becomes an “issue” to unveil them

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