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    Report on the possibility of a worldwide release for the revolution, which could actually work, check it http://www.gamerlounge.com/demo_news.php?grab=550

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    I cant wait for March 2007 Euro launch then !

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    I’ve read that’ll be a good bit cheaper than the xbox 360… any ideas on prices for Europe yet?

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    Nintendo has some kinda ban on all developers that doesnt allow them to talk about any kind of development for the revolution. Even if they are developing for it or not. Is all this secrecy a good thing?. Or does it add to the hype?

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    Nintendo hopes to avoid the sticker shock of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 by debuting their Revolution at under $300.[/quote:3bf0695f38]
    As the article says…seems to be inline with what Nintendo had said about going for a different audience…still not sure about that controller though…


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    according to this article from december


    some software houses are predicting a price of $99 – $150, finding that hard to believe though

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    I doubt it will be as low as $99-$150. They need somewhere to go when they price cut.

    I think $199…if they go too low it will be preceived as being inferior, people have a weird reaction to products that are too cheap…

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    I remember when the gamecube was gonna come out cheap. Game refused to stock it unless they hired the RRP of it. And so forced nintendo to make all the retailers make more money off of it.

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    Iwata did say something recently of launching in the US first as it worked for one of the handhelds

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