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    Its like anything else, people are just being quick to jump on the bandwagon.

    I read an article about a mother whose child committed suicide after being bullied. I think people are just looking for a scapegoat, a child commits suicide there are deeper problems than just bullying. The child has to have problems communicating with their parents and therefore must feel very alone…. This is just my opinion and I’m sure not everyone would agree with me, but people don’t just commit suicide it generally stems from much bigger problems.

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    Ban this sick filth, rock n’ roll is the devils’ music!

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    yeah its like people want to blame anything other than take a long hard look in the mirror…

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    Being a parent I can see where people are coming from on this one. I am usualy on the side of the gamer in most cases like this such as games like GTA and Manhunt. I find it hard to believe that people think that a “normal” child picks up a game and because mentaly unstable from playing it. They dont stop to think that the child might already have problems and the game (and it could have been anything…a game, a film, a song !) just happen to tip them over the edge………however

    …..with this game I can see it being a problem for parents. As we all know, there many other ways for kids to get hold of games than in the shops, and the content of the game deals with something that is a HUGE problem. Games such as GTA and Manhunt deal with issues, that are more of a fantasy (ok, they are real ! but are very rare cases) yet this game deals with something that effects children everyday and everywhere. I personally think they have gone too far this time, making fun out of a problem that people are trying to solve.

    Anyway, thats just my view as a parent. Games will always be a passion for me and I am usually 99% defending games against these type of things, but this time……

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    Well it is possible it will have a bigger mental impact on children than games like GTA or Manhunt.
    In those games the player was an adult male, free to do as he pleases, some kids might just think this is a bit unrealistic or far fetched, however. The fact that they created, in a sense, a Bully simulator my impact a child more. The character they play is a schoolboy, hence their own age group.
    And even worse is the fact that children who really are getting bullied at school my see this as a way to vent their anger and humilation on to others via a videogame. But will they be able to distinguish that from reality?
    It is possible it could leave to problems, only time will tell.

    Oh, im a big gamer, i love playing the GTA games, i have nothing against them. Just wanted to point that out.

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    Yes but the game will be rated M / 18 so children won’t be able to play it. </IMAGINARY LAND>

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    Yes but the game will be rated M / 18 so children won’t be able to play it.

    I only wish this could be true [/A BETTER WORLD]

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    Films deal with issue far more sensitive topics and people don’t bat an eyelid, but create a game that deals with these issues and everyone is running for their pitch forks….maybe its about time people start to re-evaluate games as a medium.

    People are doing exactly what Rockstar want, creating publicity. In the end I’ll hold my judgement on the game until I see it

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    Yes but the game will be rated M / 18 so children won’t be able to play it. </IMAGINARY LAND>[/quote:6a982c2340]

    LOL that hasnt stopped kids playing other games i.e GTA, Manhunt

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    Hence my </IMAGINARY LAND> comment…

    I really should stop with the code jokes… :lol:

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    lol…its ok peter has always been a little slow :wink:

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    lol…its ok peter has always been a little slow :wink:[/quote:c0d5199e5e]

    Yea that seems fair, im not going to argue with that.

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    Yup. I think Rockstar got a bit cocky with this one. GTA is fine so they think they can do anything, and I think they are going too far with this game.
    It doesn’t bother me as I just wouldn’t buy it and the rating system says kids shouldn’t play it but everyone knows that means less then nothing. If parents were educated in the rating system and it was enforced this would just be a silly game that doesn’t get bought, now however there will be lots of publicity and it will sell in large quantities. Its a sad world we live in, ruled by fear and the media.

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    Im with the anti rockstar people here, they are really pushing the boundries here. This is really something that a child playing the game can seriously relate to when they are at school. Its not like in GTA they can just grab any car off anybody and just go on a killing spree. This game rewards players for actually doing something, that the child whom maybe playing can actually do in real life and to sombody else. they might go on to think that it is good to do certain aspects of this game(namely bullying).
    Fine for a mature audience, but with so many things these days how can you stop under 18’s from getting their grubby little mitts on it.

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    ESRB (or retailers) or whoever should take out primetime adverts on TV (simpsons, lost, desperate housewives etc…) in the run up to Xmas informing parents of the various ratings.

    This would also have the benefit of helping stem some of the criticism aimed at game companies. It is retail and parents job to ensure mature rated content does not find its way into the hands of lil Jonny snot nose.

    oh, and again for good measure ‘ban this sick filth’

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    Aye I agree with kyotokid.

    But then its easy for me as I dont have kids.

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