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    This is probably old news to a lot of people but i only saw the ad on TV last night.


    I used to read the 2000AD Comics, until they became stupidly expensive, and Rogue Trooper was one of my favorite characters. The use of dead tissue and bio-chips of dead comrades (helm, bagman, gunnar) was pretty sinister but really cool too.

    I could’ve sworn there was an 8-ball bio-chip too but maybe i’m wrong, its been quite a while since i read the comic.

    I hope the game plays like I’d imagine the character to behave – lots of exploding things with clever toys.

    I think the ABC Warriors would be a cool idea for a game, Joe Pineapples on his own even would be cool.

    If anyone say the Judge Dredd movie, the huge robot in that is an ABC Warrior (basically huge battle robots built to fit wars so Humans didn’t have have to)

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    Oh…I don’t know if i can comment…damn….couple of days to be sure….

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    Halo Jones.

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    I never managed to get into 2000 AD. I hope Rebellion have better luck with this title than they did with Dredd vs Death, didnt really seem to do the material justice.

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