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      I hope someone has the time and patience to deal with my request.

      I run a small GAA-related website and I want to put together a simple little game for my visitors.

      However I’m a beginner and need a little advice.

      Basically what I want to do is have a form (jizzed up with Flash) that visitors would fill in ie pick a team from a list of players.

      Once they click send etc that information is parsed and sent to a mysql database.

      Here’s the tricky bit.

      I want the datbase to hold the key to whether they win or lose so I need the backend to calculate their ‘score’ compare it another’s score and then generate a report back to the site.

      I’m not asking for a complete solution but more so a bit of direction and a starting point for me to learn more.

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      Aphra K

      has anyone saved your soul yet?

      I might know some people here in DCU who can help if not..


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      I don’t really get the mySQL bit.
      Are you saying that the list of players is going to be used as an index to a win/lose flag in the database?

      Writing this in Flash actionscript or PHP would be no problem and would probably allow you much more sophisticated techniques, if thats would you mean.

      Can you explain this a bit better.


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      Would using Flash be a better option altogether???

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      So, you don’t actually need to store player teams – just compare to player properties stored in a databse?

      I’d use something like ASP for this (just one of many server-side scripting options).

      Capture the form input, pop them into variables, retreive relevant data from DB, do some calcs, fire back a resulkts page to the client. Easy!

      Using flash, you’ll get a nicer interface, won’t have page refreshes etc. However, users will need the flash plug-in (fairly ubiqutious these days anyway).

      Any additional questions, don’t hesiatte to ask.


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