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      After Paul May’s work in setting up the ability to include images on this forum, I thought this might be a good opportunity for people to post images of work in progress.

      This would allow us all to get a better sense of what everyone’s working on.

      If Aphra or the admins have any concerns about legal implications or bandwidth issues, please feel free to delete or amend this thread.


      To get the ball rolling, here’s some images regarding a Total Mod I’m currently Concept / Texture Artist on. It’s a huge conversion of Battlefield 1942 and Medal of Honor, currently called ‘Trench Rats’, and aimed at being an historically accurate portrayal of the Western Front of World War I.

      Concept 1

      Now, who’s next?

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      I Love the screenshot of the B1942 mod you’re working on. those planes look really great. Good Work.

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      Hello! If you’re posting screenies, try to keep the size of them around 500 pixels wide, just to preserve the look of the site.

      If you have images that are larger, just post links to them…it’ll save people time aswell.



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      No prob, Paul, will do.


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      Hi All,

      Just a short note… if anyone has an original IP title that they are working on and intend to try to create value in it for funding/publishing deal – DO NOT POST ANY SAMPLES ON A PUBLIC FORUM!!!

      If your work is in the public domain and you get an NDA signed after the post is made – it is useless as a tool to protect your rights as it leaves it open for the third party to state that the information was already in the public domain!

      Furthermore it could prove quite a difficult point with a publisher/financier that samples of your concept are freely available at a public source!!!

      (although note: at best an NDA is not a great protector in its own right – but it is at least some form of legal relationship!!!)

      However if you are just working on a free Mod etc. and you do not intend to try to sell the work/concept then blast away!!

      Just thought it only fair to give the appropriate warning!

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