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    Well the driving studio officially launches today in Solihull, after about a year and a half.. Alot has happened in that time, we’ve hired up from 6-7 when i started to 30 strong and theres still loads of jobs on offer for games two and three.
    Development is going good with Sega Rally, its gonna really restore ye’re faith in the brand I think (truly next-gen). So nothing like a party to celebrate.

    So if your think about a career move within the industry, no better time and place I’d say. We’ve got people here now from a wide variety of studios; EA Vancouver, Rockstar North, Rare, Eurocom, Codemaster, Reflections, Aklaim and Awesome.

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    And Core :p

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    true, true..

    We recently acquired Damo’s obi wan.

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    Its true, its John’s fault I’m as bitter and twisted as I am…

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