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      Jamie Mc

      ‘lo all

      Was flicking through MCV the other day and I came across quite an interesting little ad that I thought I might bring to your attention:


      If you’re a developer give us a call

      Sega 0208 995 3399

      If you’re a developer with a game in the making, dont share your ideas with just anyone, share them with Sega.

      Our European Acquisitions team is looking for fresh product, working with developers like you, to develop and market your creations into games that sell.

      So if you’re looking to have your cake and eat it – book an appointment to meet us at the forthcoming ECTS Stand 1470

      Call Sega European Acquisitions on +44 (0208) 995 3399 or email acquisitions@soe.sega.co.uk

      end snip

      It seems that Aphra is away as I tried to get this up as a news article, but it might be worthwhile if any of you do have stuff and are going to GDCE or ECTS to book a meeting.

      I’ve also some more fantastic news on the console development front for you guys that came out of one of the interviews I did but it’ll be a week or so before I’ll give you the details…


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