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    I thought it would be best to get this organised quickly.

    We need to decide on what type of sub forums to keep, assuming we can have some :p
    I would suggest one on workshops, questions, general and events.
    And get an Announcements, Introductions and about thread sticky.

    Other than I’m just delighted to have this forum. More suggestions please

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    We have subforums for all game developers (GD.ie is for the whole of Ireland), you should use those.

    Splitting up the community would be a bad idea in my opinion.

    The Galway forum is very useful for local topics, like initiatives, looking for others to work with, and organising events.

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    @Faerdan – Yes it should be focused on Galway. The whole point of adding this here was so that we didn’t fragment the smal Irish game dev community in the first place by having a separate website for Galway Games Group.

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    That’s a very good point, I agree that it would be more beneficial to have everyone post together rather than dividing it by area.
    We can also assume that we shouldn’t get too many posts on this here sub forum to make it cluttered.
    Changes can always be made later.
    We will try and organise an event soon so we have something to post :p

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    @amethyst Absolutely, I think it’s great. My point was that adding sub forums to this Galway forum would fragment the GD.ie community.

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    Projects that people are working on in Galway could be here for example, but art, design and programming questions belong somewhere else.

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