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      At the risk of starting a thread just begging to be spammed…

      I’ve been contacted by Heather Chaplin, author of Smartbomb, who is researching sex games but hasn’t had much luck outside of Japan. I’ve pinged her for more info but in the meantime does anyone know of any games focussed on sex, e.g. the Playboy Mansion and the Jenna Jameson games from a few years back. Anyone know of any others?

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      Does answering this topic make me weird by default?

      On the off chance it doesn’t, the Leisure Suit Larry series, most notably the newest addition "Magna Cum Laude" is probably in that catagory you’re looking for.

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      Well the title certainly caught my attention. This list may be of some use to you:


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      Just to go slightly off topic…Smartbomb…that was the name of my first game :) Never got release over here though :(

      There was something in Edge probably a few years back now where someone had written a game in the same vein as BattleChess, but instead of the pieces beating each other up, they partook in some sort of intercourse as a manner of ‘taking’ the other piece. I remember seeing the screen shots, the pieces were in the form of ancient Roman / Greek gods/godesses I think and it looked really pretty. The game was downloadable. Actually I found the link.

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      Aphra K

      Gareth Schott who is at the GameLab at the University of Waikato,
      in New Zealand has done some work on these games and presented it at DIGRA 05. See http://www.gameslab.co.nz/profile.html

      Taking an entirely different angle on the issue

      See Trudy Barber, University of Kent at Canterbury
      "’Turning On’ to Leisure with Pleasure: Exploring unusually innovative experiences of ‘adult digiplay’" and

      Lydia Plowman, Sterling University
      "Play, learning and ‘technotoys’"
      Abstract | Presentation

      at http://www.cric.ac.uk/cric/events/digi/digisems1.htm

      Might help


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      Consolevania did an XXX episode and it featured a sex game…you had 3D avatars shagging away…

      Here is a torrent link…but there might not be alot of seeders;


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