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    This seems like a good place to do some more shameless self-plugging.

    A skip

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    A church

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    A female character reference sheet

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    nice ;)

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    Very nice, no crits on the models or textures. Excellent work. :)

    The only crit I have is a personal opinion on the church. It seems out of proportion to me, the spire part looks like its too big for the church itself. I mean the main church body seems like a small church(judging from the door size and the two windows) and then the spire seems to suit more of a larger church.

    A very tiny personal crit, and I could be completely wrong! Its just the *feeling* I get when looking at it……

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    make a church a bit longer, add a window and ta-da… perfect

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    Yeah, I think if the church was longer it would be better proportioned….

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    Excellent advice. Thankyou guys.

    I did the church from imagination, and when I checked references, it did, in fact seem to be a mish-mash of church elements, so I think you’re points are very valid.

    Next up, Christchurch Cathedral! (NOT!)


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    Excellent texture work Boadle, and I love the concept piece

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    Great presentation Boadle and great textures. The concept piece is my fav though, well rendered and great proportions.

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    Thanks guys.

    Barry, I’ve been a regular visitor to your site for a while now. I’m a fan!


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    Thanks Boadle glad you like my stuff,
    I think you should be doing more ‘showboat work’, I like the plane on your site so lets see more of that rather than skips and churchs, theres nothing wrong with those but you obviously have the skills to crank it up a bit!

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    Great work, Lewis. People have covered what I’ve wanted to say so I won’t rattle on about nothing. Any latest news on the job hunt? :)

    I think you should be doing more ‘showboat work’, I like the plane on your site so lets see more of that rather than skips and churchs, [/quote:7cdca73880]
    There’s no reason why he can’t do a high poly church. How about Notre Dame? :D

    (No kidding, you can actually get blueprints for that on Suurland.com if anyone’s interested.)

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    Might give it a bash when I finally finish my fell beast which is stuck in “grey shaded purgitory” at the moment…….too busy to even look at it at the moment…..

    But Notre Dame would be a pretty cool thing to do…..

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    By the way, Lewis do you put your models etc up on TurboSquid?

    If you don’t you really should, once your willing to sell them that is. I have a few of my models up there and I have sold a few too……check it out if you haven’t already done so.

    There is a real demand for low poly models also, due to a lot of indie developers using TurboSquid to get certain models for their projects.

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    Thanks again for all your comments, guys.

    By the way, Lewis do you put your models etc up on TurboSquid?[/quote:a7b5993555]

    I haven’t done so far NoOpt, but I will certainly look into it.

    Any latest news on the job hunt?[/quote:a7b5993555]

    Hey Ronnie! Still searching for the right opportunity. Had an interview with EA recently, in London, but was pipped at the post by another candidate. Was also in discussions with Ubisoft Shanghai, which fell through. In the meantime, I’m doing plenty of freelance work.

    I think you should be doing more ‘showboat work’,[/quote:a7b5993555]

    Good point Barry. Watch this space.


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    Definitely look into it Lewis. It could be a nice little earner for you. You can also put a link on your website for TS, so people who see your stuff, and like it, can then go directly to your TS products page and buy your models if they want!

    You will have to fill out an IRS form and fax it to TS accounts before you can get any money from sales, but its a simple enough form, any questions….give me a shout!

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    Definitely look into it Lewis. [/quote:32e2fdee3c]

    Done, and done:


    Thanks NoOpt (Do you require a 10 or a 15% commission ;)?)


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    Good stuff Renowned Texture Artist Lewis Boadle! :p

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    haha……your dead right though!
    And your textures are feckin class, so its not like your bullshiting or anything…..

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    Thankyou David. Your modelling reigns supreme.

    Perhaps we should have a lovechild?


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    *backs away slowly*

    er…..yesss, ookkk……..


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    ….erm ahem.

    That wasn’t me. That was my …friend… who knows my login.

    I’ve told him not to do it … erm… again.

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    Good to see that things are going well. Keep us updated. :)

    You got me thinking, Dave. People can earn quite a few pennies on Turbo Squid if they’re good enough. I wonder if there’s any full-time ‘Turbo Squidders’ out there that only create models for the site and don’t have any other job, except maybe a bit of freelancing once in a while. I’d love to see a story like that.

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    There is Ronny. I have seem posts in the forums on TS and many people do use TS as a major part of their income. Usually they also freelance, but a lot of their income comes by selling models on TS also!

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    Very interesting, Dave. I think I’ve worked out what your career goal is. ;)

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    I’ve always been cautious about TurboSquid, ever since it came bundled in the install with Max4 I believe. Presumably you’ve to submit your personal details etc. which could spell trouble for the bedroom hobbyist working off the brand spanking new “evaluation” version of Max. I imagine for some artists working for game studios there could be a conflict of interest clause in their contracts which would prevent the selling of models/textures on Turbosquid or similar sites, even in his/her free time.

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    Some good points there Pete. I think most of the serious sellers are freelance artists.

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    You’d think that but the inconsistant overall quality of the work makes me suspect otherwise. Must look into the whole conflict of interest thing further.

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    There a lot of people who post crap on TS, a fact that as led to more seasoned sellers asking for some cleanup, or a tier system whereby products are rated by staff and they decide if it is suitable, and if so, at what level.

    Some people have posted poser models and put a price tag of $100 on them. Others have actually downloaded free models and then changed them slightly and put them up for sale. So you get all sorts of chancers on TS.

    Also, even if someone works for a company and still sells their own stuff on TS, how would the company ever find out?

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    Well, the company may never know this is true, it could get ugly fast though, with a breach of contract suit on ya! Like I said, must follow this up.

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    Thats true Pete, and I’m not saying I condone it. But at the same time, even if a lot of people on TS are breaching their contracts by independently selling work the chances of their employers finding out is very low…..unless the person in question was stupid enough to actually try and sell work they had done for the company.

    But if a company did find out, it could get ugly, yes…..

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    Was reading a thread about this on the TS forums last night. Apparently the TS party line is that any instances of wrong-doing (such as reselling free models or someone elses work), once reported to the moderators, will be investigated, and, if proven, result in the offenders being banned from future posting.

    In an approval-based community like this, I guess that’s about all you can realistically do.

    Given that the target audience will be scouring the web for free or cheap models, I imagine that is a pretty good ombudsman. Although, this doesn’t account for people reselling their employers or client-owned material.

    Doesn’t affect me. Who would steal a SKIP!? ;)


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    Realistically, these models are bought as time savers, a bit like a kind of scaled down off-the-shelf outsourcing and so a large part of the target audience must be game studios. So….

    What about a game studio artist who needs a textured/rigged model quicksnap for that looming deadline and has a spare hundred euro in the kitty, buys said model from Turbosquid in good faith, only to find out when the FMV/game (whatever) is complete that the model was blagged and legally is the IP of another company? Someone is in the shit, and from the sound of the repercussions from Turbosquid ie. banning the perp from future posting, it ain’t gonna be him.

    Doesn’t affect me. Who would steal a SKIP!? [/quote:72734fdd58]

    LOL Boadle, you could hire a skip for the money you’re charging!!!

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    TS has a subscription based system for companies to buy models. They basically pay a yearly sub, and then can download any models they like. Apparently, companies need this as it would be impossible for them to buy individual models for some strange accounting reason or regulation. It has details on this on their forums anyway.

    But its a big of a pain for artists, because we only get a small % commission from these subscription sales. Example, a subscriber bought my falcon model last month, which I have listed for $100, and I got $11 for the sales( would have gotten around $50 if it was a normal, non-subscription sale). TS argues that it is a sale I would never have gotten if it wasn’t for subscriptions as the company couldn’t buy it otherwise, but its still a bit hard to take.

    If an individual in a company buys a model on their own spec with their own money, then surely that person is to blame. He/she should have bought it through the company, with their OK.

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    LOL Boadle, you could hire a skip for the money you’re charging!!![/quote:2ff35d7af0]

    Yeah, but who’s gonna fly it, Pete? YOU?

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    Thats appalling Noo, so whats the highest percentage from a sale you can make? Is it 50%

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    I think the most is 55% for a model sold for over $200 or something.
    That doesn’t bother me too much, seeing as TS host all the files, sort out the payments etc. But getting $11 for a model I have down as $100 is a kick in the gut, even if I would never have gotten the sale if it wasn’t for subscriptions.

    I would rather not have my model available for subscribers than give it away…..which is basically what happened.

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    Its a kick in the teeth alright

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    I don’t even know what a company would be “buying” a model of the Millenium Falcon though…..what are they gonna use it for!!

    Maybe it was Lucasfilm……..and now they are going to file a lawsuit……


    Edit: I just noticed Lewis’s Star Wars referance…..class! heheh… :D

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    I just noticed Lewis’s Star Wars referance[/quote:11cb323f0c]

    Glad someone did! I was beginning to think it was going to go uncommented on. Perhaps I should stick to puns about skips, seeing as how people refuse to have Star Wars rubbished.

    Oh. Is that the time? Gotta go.

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    LOL Boadle

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