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    but i’ve been running around a bit ..

    seeing everyone on friday reminded me to at least show you what i’ve been up to

    http://otee.dk/ is a mac game editor with cross platform output..

    i got involved because of the mac thing, i know all you guys are on PC , all the work i’ve done has been on PC , so this was a little like home to me :D

    at the beginning of november a few of us got together for a weekend (3 days) of pure game making fun… the result to be entered into the OMG competition http://idevgames.com/index.php/contest/omg_info/omg_cup_2005

    we finished .. well enough to enter …Pakimono http://www.idevgames.com/contest/downloads/details.php?file=19

    i think there is a mac and a windows version ..

    what fun. Everyone was either in Denmark or hooked up via IRC for the weekend.

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    Haha, I read the description of the game, it sounds hilarous!

    I’ll download and play it tomorrow.

    Best regards…

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    Cheers for posting the links Claire!!! ;)

    Will give the demo a bash… downloading it now!

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    just to add :D ..

    it made finalist in the comp :D


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