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      Hiya folks,

      We’ve been working away on a version of 3D Stress Ball that should allow artists to export a level, and test it out, directly from their 3D modelling software if it supports Shockwave 3D export ( Max 6, Maya, SoftImage, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, TruSpace etc ).

      The level can then be uploaded to your own website, to allow your mates to play it etc.

      We’ll be aiming to licence this type of game design toolkit to various beginner-aimed game development courses. Future game mechanics will include a vehicle game, and a character game.

      You can read a bit about it here and play a demo student level…


      … and download the current BETA here…

      ( 470k, this contains all of the files required to test it on either PC or Mac, assuming it’s in the DSWMedia folder, instructions are within the .ZIP file ).

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      Doh! Thanks to Ronny for finding a critical feature / bug in the early version of this software… the new ( but still beta ) version ( same links ) works fine now.

      Here’s a URL showing a very early version of the next game mechanic ( a driving game ) that you’ll be able to create levels for.



      BTW if anyone has Maya, I’d be grateful if they could download the .ZIP file, import the .3DS or .OBJ file, export it as Shockwave 3D and send that file over to mal @ candointeractive.com ( I think Maya adds some weird stuff into the exported scene that I might have to work around ).

Viewing 1 reply thread
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