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    I hope that Silent Hill 5 revisits the idea of the town being a purgatory because I think that Konami have more or less exhausted the Cult of Silent Hill storyline. In my opinion, Silent Hill 2 still remains the best in series as I felt it was dramatic in effect and I still believe Silent Hill 2 should have gotten an Academy Award as the story is THAT good – someone please tell me SH2 did win any awards as I love to know.

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    i agree definately the best best of the series.

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    I like the character designs of the monsters, I havent played Silent Hill 2. When I get a PS3 I’ll seek it out.

    Have you seen videogaiden (by the consolevania guys) they have a few sketches with Mr Pyramid Head….and on that note:

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    Nice to see Pyramid Head had some kind of effect on someone. I have a theory about sh2’s monsters, I think that Pyramid Head and the Nurses are representations of the doctor and nurses that cared for Mary while she was in hospital and how much she despised them and that the straight jacket monsters represented Mary’s descent into in despair and hopelessness, not to mention her feelings of pain and torture. However, it’s all just speculation…

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    Pyramid head really freaked me out in SH2, I was glad to catch a glimpse of him in the trailer for the forthcoming SH live action movie. The movie looks to be borrowing large elements from SH2 in terms of story and I think the casting is really spot on, the story really was very good and it totally drew me in emotionally

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    well im looking forward to the movie aswell but having followed the story of it on the net and seeing a trailer, I’ve come to the conclusion that the movie is just a reworking of the first Silent Hill game and I have to say I felt a little bit cheated by that. I was hoping that Konami would have worked very closely with Columbia/Tri-Star Pictures to come with a new movie-exclusive story but in any case, it’s nice hear some of the music from the games were being used in the movie. In closing, I don’t see a franchise here because a ‘Silent Hill 2’ would probably see a wife searching for her dead husband of three years or something like that.

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    I enjoyed Brotherhood of the Wolf, another film by Christophe Gans so I am cautiously optimistic. If SH does well at the box office you can bet your trousers there’ll be sequels, they’ll probably draft Milla Jovovich along for the franchise gravy train

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    I enjoyed Brotherhood of the Wolf, another film by Christophe Gans…….[/quote:f567da2b80]

    Hes directing Silent Hill? Cool :)

    I liked the comments he made on Eurogamer today, this film has alot of good will going for it. Gamers want it to do well.

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    According to 1Up, Konami is working on a Silent Hill PSP title. Not to be confused with the Silent Hill Experience, this will be an entirely new horror title. Besides an upcoming movie, next month will also see “The Silent Hill Collection,” a Konami bundle that features Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, and Silent Hill 4: The Room. The set drops April 13, and the flick goes wide a week later.[/quote:fed8a2b594]

    Something to get on the PSP


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    Interesting revelation but there’s no real point in ‘The Silent Hill Collection’ if you already own 2, 3 & 4 but I’d love to see a remake of the first game. Mainly, i’d love the fifth game to revisit the idea of the town being a purgatory

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    I thought it had been reported that the next game would revisit the whole purgatory idea…. read it somewhere if I find the link I’ll post it up.

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    awh i cant wait for the new SH movie to come out. i agree SH2 was the best in the series in my eyes, but i feel SH1 had a bigger impact on me both emotionally and mentally, its was so fresh and new that i couldnt help but be sucked in. p.s im way more hyped up about the SH movie then i ever was about the resi movies. they were soooo bad.

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    they were soooo bad.

    great, i like gamers who are incredibly accurate but wheter we like it or not… re3 is on the way. just remember, i have the sh movie pegged as a reworking of the first game and i found out that sh1 is up for a remake but its going to be the ‘movie reworking’ i told you lot about earlier

    and no-one even commented on my sh2 monster theory!!

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    LOL. ok can someone clear this up for me? i ask the question: is the T-Virus a virus that only affects living tissue?

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    No it effects game and movie scripts aswell…


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    ok so does this mean the virus can infect DEAD bodies? like not just the living but also dead rotting bodies?

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    hmmmm ok just wondering i just thought the “T-virus” infected only living beings. i know the old zombie flicks have the re-animation of the dead bodies but are they infected by the T-virus? LOL. the whole point of my question was because when i was watching Resident evil 2 (well the second movie) and they were in the graveyrad heading to the church, bodies just start emerging from the ground, and i thought that only living people could be infected.

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    In the first film don’t they state the T-Virus can regenerate dead tissue?

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    LOL they probally did i wasnt paying too much attention though i was more entertained by a piece of dust i seen being caught in an updraft!!

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    I’m guessing someone didnt enjoy the movie? :D

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    Hopefully the Silent Hill movie can do something the RE movies could not…….ie: Be good…..

    It’s looking promising….

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    I always thought RE1 was fairly true to the game, RE2 lost the plot towards the end but overall could of been a lot worse.

    Silent Hill does look extremely promising though.

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    i much would of rathered if they used the actors from the movie clips in the original resi game on the ps1. thats would be SOOOO FUNNY

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