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      Right so, the shit has officially hit the fan…well with regards to the usual antigaming lobbyists coming out of the woodwork…

      Theres so many things wrong with this I’ll just let you guys read it first but some things that really caught my eye…

      Were this to be true, Thompson would have his smoking gun, and EA would be forced to recall all copies of The Sims 2. However, it’s what’s under the blur that Thompson’s after. And what happens when the blur is lifted? A simple mannequin-esque smooth body, according to EA.

      Thompson doesn’t buy it. “The sex and the nudity are in the game. That’s the point. The blur is an admission that even the ‘Ken and Barbie’ features should not be displayed. The blur can be disarmed. This is no different than what is in San Andreas, although worse.”[/quote:78927ec1bf]
      …yea…a real smoking gun. The fact that its done comically seems to have eluded him.

      The Sims 2 is a “life simulator.” In the game, players steer their digital beings around their cyberlives. Actions include everything from the spectacular (getting married, having children, receiving promotions at work) to the mundane (cooking microwaved meals, going to the bathroom, mopping the floor).[/quote:78927ec1bf]
      OMG!! What kind of an influence will this have on our children? Will they believe that a flashing red exclamation mark appear over any fire hazards in their house? Will they demand various things to be bought for them to keep their imagined contentment meters full? :lol:

      If this fails he’ll probably go after Ken and Barbie themselves for Mattell enabling children to undress the dolls….


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      <In my best mama voice> Will Wright is the DEVIL!!!

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